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Got leadership?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mojocaster.com, Mar 14, 2008.

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    When it comes down do it, that's what I love about this team.

    I read some threads here about RBs Alexander and Jones. Most said they are now essentially backups, but they don't play special teams, so no thank you. And it got me thinking... how do you play on the Patriots and refuse to work on teams, when Tedy Bruschi does? That's leadership.

    how about Mr. Patriot himself, Troy Brown... playing offense, defense and teams, just because, well... the team needs him to. That's leadership.

    Or Tom Brady, working his butt off to gain the right to have the best parking lot in off-season training because that goes to the guy who works the hardest. Brady is already a star, is already the best QB in the league. Do you think that stops him? Not even close. That's leadership.

    Or Tom Brady again, turning down lucrative commercial endorsements so that he can focus on football. That's leadership.

    Or Wes Welker, who catches 10 balls in a game, but is beyond pissed at himself for missing one... That's leadership.

    The list goes on and on, and I for one am enjoying taking a step back from what has been an emotional roller coaster of a season to go back to the essence of what makes this team. It's not star power - although the team has stars. It's old fashioned notions and concepts of hard work, respect, competitiveness, and striving for perfection. That's what being a Patriot is. That's what wearing that jersey means. No room for bull****. No room for "the best team didn't today." No room for excuses. No room for pretense. Just do you damn job, do it right, do it the best you can, with intensity and honesty.

    That's why I love this team, hatriots of all ilks be damned.


    Oh yeah, and this is not just about the players. This is about the entire organization from the top down.
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