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Got drunk & watched the game... my game notes

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DB15, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. DB15

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    Mar 17, 2006
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    ok how im going to use this term badass a lot in this post
    the pats came out pissed, angry, just dying to hit someone (on both sides of the ball)

    the O line played like one of the best in the nfl, tons of time to throw the ball, running lanes everything perfect. mankins is a god dam beast out there, he is a tone setter.. badass indeed

    you have to love the way jabar plays, the guy gets the ball about every 25 plays yet he always does something with it, its ither stretching for a first down, a *****en block on a db, breaking tackles... one bad ass kid

    the defence came out blazing, seymour was his old self. we all know what he has been through this season, he came out playing like the best and it showed.

    the entire D was on fire last night, sure they gave up the 10 yrd passing plays but ive got news for you all... THATS A GOOD THING.. pressure on the qb, no big bombs down the field, big hits, swarming to the ball... I love it

    and the award for the best player of the game goes to...................................RODNEY HARRISON. holy crap, I havent seen him play like that in a while, people are going to knock him for the penalty calls and rightfully so but my god did he come out knockin heads last night, a true game changer in every sence of the word. just his presence is enought o influence a game.. thats ******* badass

    PS. I didnt even mention Brady.. how can you, week after week he shows why he is Mr. Cool. no mistakes, passion, fire, and excution. Its routine now for the guy.. unbeliveable.
    Merryweather, have to give it to the kid, he has grown infront of our eyes, he has a long way to go as they say but dam what a project he has been
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