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  1. PrairiePat

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    In the midst of my morning-after depression, I remember how pumped I was when Gostkowski made those 4th qtr field goals to keep pushing us back ahead last night. Yeah, I was worried that they should have been touchdowns, but that doesn't take away from the fact that those were some pressure-filled, clutch kicks that our rookie made. I'm happy that we're not all talking about Vinatieri this AM; looks like we have ourselves a good kicker for the next few years :)
  2. CTPatsFan

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    I agree Prairie. The kid looks like he's going to be fine. The 43 yarder had me a little nervous but he knocked it right through. He did come through in some pressure spots which bodes well for his future.
  3. BelichickFan

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    He had three potential "game winning" kicks this post season. An actual game winner in SD and two last night which would have been game winners had the defense held. He's a bright spot, definitely the long term solution.
  4. patchick

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    He was tremendous -- a very fast learning curve after some early rookie struggles, and perfect for the whole post-season! (Strange how that was never mentioned by the announcers who kept talking about it with Adam....) Here's to a long, fruitful tenure with the Patriots, Mr. Gostkowski.
  5. borg

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    It could be argued that the G-Man was the Patriots best postseason performer. 8-8 in FGs, 9-9 in EPs. Solid on kickoffs.
  6. ironwasp

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    I totally agree. He's really come through brilliantly in recent weeks, and set himself up for a good career in Foxborough. Come next season we'll see a lot more of him I think as the Pats start expecting him to make those 45-50 yarders that BB has backed off some this season.

    A great rookie season, fully vindicating their use of a fourth round pick.
  7. jeffd

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    Yeah, don't forget the kickoff deep into the endzone following the potential game winning FG. All around great kicker, good draft pick.
  8. PatsFanInVa

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    Been saying it all year - we're fine at kicker (so we can scratch that off the list of chunks of sky that might be falling down on us.)

    A lot of youth has been infused into this team, other than at LB, about which people are probably going to write ad nauseum the next couple months.

    Rebuilding is constant. Restocking is constant.

    Everybody ready to hang up the "dynasty" can get stuffed - next year starts now. Something tells me that Scott Pioli is at it as we speak, winnowing down the thousands of prospects to the 200 or so Belichick will sign off on.


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