Google falsifies their rankings... again and again.

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    Google video appears to be censoring the online version of Loose Change as it is not appearing in the top 100 despite having many more views than most other videos in the top 10.

    Yesterday we received the following email from co-creator of the film Jason Bermas:
    Hey man I did a lil bit about this last night on my GCN show. Basically I caught google censoring our film again. We were not on the top 100 so I went to search for the flick, but then the one i uploaded didnt come up on the first page, which was odd. I then went to my account to check my views for the day it 41 thousand plus, the number 2 vid only had 27 thousand, and we were not anywhere on the top 100. Here are the screenshots to prove it.

    Is there any explanation for why Loose Change is not appearing in the top 10, let alone the top 100?

    We have previously highlighted how Google had reset viewing totals for Alex Jones' latest film Terror Storm in the past from hundreds of thousands of views on several different video versions back down to zero for each one.

    Following a complaint Google admitted that the numbers had been reset by mistake, despite the fact that the error only seemed to apply to Terror Storm, and assured us that the problem would not re-occur.
    Yet a week later Google Video again edited viewer statistics and blocked the film from entering its popular categories.

    Loose Change appears in the featured video section of Google Video on almost every visit to the website because of its immeasurable viral impact, so for it to suddenly disappear from the top 100 is suspicious.
    You can e mail Google here and ask them why the film has been removed from the top 100.

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