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    Hmmm...$225k in pay for the boss who runs a conservency that pays out about $550k a year to have the work done. Not bad. It's an even greater bargain when you consider the fact that the agency run by this nitwit spent $584k on fund raising, to raise $554k in donated funds. For this she got a $25k bonus. If that doesn't scream gubmit performance and efficiency for you, nothing will.

    Email puts Greenway on hot seat

    Chief’s message reveals strategy behind salary info

    By Erin Smith
    Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - Updated 45 minutes ago

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    An errant email sent to a Herald reporter probing six-figure salaries and hefty bonuses at the Rose Kennedy Greenway shows the director of the taxpayer-funded nonprofit sought public relations advice on whether to “ignore,” “write her (the reporter) now,” or “respond after deadline later tonight” with information about her actual pay.

    Email puts Greenway on hot seat -

    The Herald review of the conservancy, which oversees the 15-acre downtown park, found:

    • Brennan has racked up a total of $160,000 in executive bonuses since 2006. They have bumped her total compensation as high as $225,000 annually.

    • The conservancy, which originally was formed to maintain the Greenway without public funding, has received more than $15 million in state funds since 2005, including more than $2.5 million for last year’s $4.7 million budget.

    • The Greenway’s maintenance costs ran to more than $300,000 per acre last year. By contrast, it costs about $50,300 per acre to maintain New York City’s Central Park, which also is run by a conservancy.

    • The conservancy spent more on fund-raising — $584,000 — than the $554,000 the group took in through cash donations and fund-raisers in fiscal 2010. Conservancy officials, who said the poor economy affected donations, still awarded Brennan $25,000 annual bonuses in both 2009 and 2010.

    • At least two other conservancy employees have six-figure salaries — on a staff of 29 full and part-timers, plus nine paid “apprentices,” for a total $1.8 million payroll. Contractors perform maintenance for about $514,000 annually.
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    #75 Jersey

    Who gives to this crap? Her friends?
    I need a list of these donors to show them some medical research non-profits they would be better off giving to. Makes me sick.

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