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    Week 14 Bears vs Patriots: Sack Analysis - Pats Pulpit

    4:30 - Cutler snaps the ball.

    4:29 - Brace blows by the left guard, forcing Forte to be a blocker instead of an outlet for Cutler. Banta-Cain and Guyton are easily contained by their blockers. Wilfork sits and waits to prevent a Cutler scramble. Moore begins to split the right tackle and right guard.

    4:28 - Brace beats his double team of left guard and running back and Moore easily splits his double team of right tackle and right guard. Wilfork sits on contain and Mayo moves up into the offensive backfield to play extra contain on Cutler, since Forte was blocking Brace. Guyton and Banta-Cain stay engaged with and contained by their blockers.

    4:27 - Cutler starts to scramble to the outside and Mayo steps up in contain to prevent him from running away. Brace sits in the middle of the former pocket, preventing three blockers (running back, left guard, right guard) from helping Cutler. Moore stays in hot pursuit as the right tackle tries to chase him and the running back tries to chip at him. Banta-Cain and Guyton are still engaged with their initial blockers.

    4:26 - Moore sacks Cutler and forces a fumble. Guyton and Banta-Cain are still blocked and Wilfork has moved his blocker while still containing a potential Cutler run. Brace stands in the way so four Bears players cannot recover the fumble (right tackle, right guard, left guard, running back).

    4:25 - Mayo falls on the ball to collect the fumble.
    x x x

    Cunningham has a much better motor and first step than Banta-Cain. Seriously. Cunningham is way more dangerous.

    Guyton showed why he's not a real consideration for OLB. He lacks the strength to shed blockers- which is also another reason he struggles in run defense.

    Brace is playing himself into a starting job. He may not do the deed himself, but he's destroying the pocket and letting other players make the plays. He's a keeper and he's totally shedding his "bust" status. I don't know if anyone could think of him as a bust anymore.

    Mayo plays patient and plays smart. He doesn't leave his man until the other guy is fully engaged.

    Moore should play extremely well against run-based teams. He looks like he can be a solid 3-4 elephant OLB, or a constant contributor on sub packages at 3-4 DE, where he could take Banta-Cain's spot and provide better strength.

    Wilfork and Brace should rotate together to confuse offenses. Both have shown the ability to beat double teams and both are capable of disrupting the pocket. They can both man the point and play pocket-run prevention.
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    I thought this thread was going to be good news about his injury. Good to hear he is playing well though.
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    He should have never been considered a "bust" in the first place.
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    Agreed. He was a 4-3 DT in college, who had to make a transition to 3-4 NT in his rookie year, and now seems to be making a successful transition to 3-4 DE in his 2nd year. Even if he was struggling more this year, he'd deserve another year before being called a bust IMO.
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