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    Kill Zone
    - by Craig Roberts

    In 1987, former US Marine sniper Craig Roberts, a seasoned veteran
    of the Vietnam war, stood for the first time at the 6th floor
    "sniper's nest" window of the Texas Schoolbook Depository. As he
    looked down into what the US Government maintains was the kill zone
    used by Lee Harvey Oswald, he immediately knew that the Warren
    Commission's verdict that Oswald, acting alone, fired three shots in
    5.6 seconds from a bolt-action rifle, killing John F. Kennedy was a
    lie. At that moment Roberts, by then a 20-year veteran police
    officer and recognized authority on sniping, began an investigation
    that would last six years, take him into the shadow world of the
    clandestine intelligence community--and beyond. "Kill Zone" names
    the killers, lifts the veil of secrecy from the event, and takes the
    reader from Dealey Plaza 1963 to the New World Order and who is
    really in charge of the governments of the world--and who ordered
    Kennedy's death and why.

    Excerpt: Page 46-47

    According to Fletcher Prouty, "After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy
    decided he would change the entire structure of how this government
    would carry out covert operations. He began transferring covert
    operations directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Shortly after
    this decision was made, he fired Allen Dulles as Chief of the CIA.
    That was the signal to the CIA of what Kennedy was going to do
    next-what he had done.

    "Kennedy was changing the status quo, from Big Business to the
    military; from disgruntled intelligence agents to Cubans and their
    supporters. Kennedy had to go. The mechanism was in place."

    Add to this all of the other factors mentioned above and one has
    more than sufficient motive for murder.

    But knocking off a foreign dictator is one thing. Taking out the
    President of the United States-inside the country-is something else.
    It would be an extremely dangerous prospect at best, a disaster to
    those concerned if anything went wrong. For the conspirators, it
    must have boiled down to "we may have a great deal to lose if things
    go wrong, but we have much, much more to gain if things go right."
    And after all, if the top players are well enough insulated, then
    the prospect of discovery decreased at every level of the operation.

    Due to lack of sufficient hard evidence-since most has long since
    been altered or destroyed-it cannot be proved beyond all doubt what
    exactly happened at Dealey Plaza that day. However, by piecing
    together what we do know from the numerous sources and multitude
    that there should be no question that the case should be reopened
    and investigated by proper authorities.

    It is now time to reconstruct the crime utilizing what is known, and
    in some areas, what we can logically speculate must have occurred.
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    Here's another good read

    CUT TO: Clemenza leaves his house in the morning. Some boys are playing, one is pushing the other in a toy car as the latter yells ah! -morning

    CLEMENZA (to his wife, on his front stoop)

    I'm goin' now...

    MRS. CLEMENZA (standing in the door)

    What time will you be home tonight?

    CLEMENZA (walking to the car)

    I don't know, probably late.


    Don't forget the cannoli!

    CLEMENZA (getting into the car, as is Rocco)

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

    PAULIE (in the driver's seat)

    Rocco, sit on the other side. You block the rearview mirror.


    That Sonny's runnin' wild. He's thinkin'a going to the mattresses already. We gotta find a spot over on the West Side. Ya try -- 309 West 43rd Street. You know any gooda spots on the West Side?


    Yeah, I think about it.


    Well think about it while you're drivin', will ya? I wanna hit New York sometime this month.


    And watch out for the kids while you're backin' out.

    CUT TO: Driving under the El Tracks -day


    Hey, Paulie, I want you to go down 39th Street -- Carlo Santos -- you pick up 18 --



    CLEMENZA'S VOICE (continuing)

    -- mattresses for the guys to sleep, while you bring me the bill...


    Uh-huh, yeah, alright... That...[?]...bill


    Ya'know, you make sure they're clean, cuz those guys a'gonna be stuck up in there for a long time, ya'know?


    They're clean. They told me they exterminate them

    CLEMENZA'S VOICE (as Rocco laughs)

    Exterminate? That's a bad word to use: exterminate! Get this guy. Watch out we don't exterminate you [laughs]


    You think that's funny, or what?

    CLEMENZA'S VOICE (laughs with Rocco)

    Hey, Paulie -- [In Italian: Did you fart?]


    Hey, Rocco, what did you do?

    ROCCO'S VOICE (laughs)

    Not me -- nothin' -- it wasn't me

    PAULIE'S VOICE (laughs)

    It's gotta be him, then...


    Pull over, will yah? I gotta take a leak.

    [Paulie pulls over, and Clemenza gets out to relieve himself. Rocco shoots Paulie three times as we hear a variation of the "Title Theme" music]

    CLEMENZA (back at the car)

    Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

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