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    Well, the Patriots stole U. of Miami safety Brandon Meriweather away from the Eagles. Meriweather is an excellent anticipator and someone that head coach Bill Belichick will try in the slot in training camp. But the story of this draft is that the Patriots acquired Randy Moss for a fourth-round pick and Moss reduced his $9.7 million salary in half to make the trade with New England a reality. Belichick has always wanted Moss and the timing was perfect for the Patriots, who also traded one of their first-round picks, giving them two first-round picks in next year's draft. "This team is so far ahead of the rest of the league, it isn't funny," a rival general manager said of the workings of Belichick and personnel man Scott Pioli. Yes, New England looks like the team to beat in the AFC, considering their vastly improved receiving corps. Only two of their late round picks seem to have a chance to make the roster: Miami DT Kareem Brown and USC linebacker Oscar Lua.

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    Tony, please, links have to be included in these kinds of posts or else you are putting the website at a legal risk. It would also be helpful to the other readers if they want to get more info from the mentioned article.

    Just copy and paste the web address from your address bar when you're in the article into your post.

    Thanks! (and you're right, that is a good read :) )
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