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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by pherein, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    I’d just like to give everyone my warm wishes in this up coming holidays, and say it was a joy being aloud to post on your board and being at the game with other Patriots fans.

    I was at the dome for the game and just got back. Me and my wife had way to many drinks with other Patriots fans in the French quarter, and I am here to report that you are a great fan base with respectable and football minded fans.

    I spent couple hours with Tom Jenkins and we toasted each other QB’s with a shot of tequila with him and his wife Marg, ouch.
    I spent some time after the game with Josh Mcdanalds and his family bumping fist and making sure they all had a good time. I have to say his daughter is wicked “ hope I got that right” cute but I knew in the end a Patriots family and a boy from N.O. would never work. I would constantly correct her on the word “soder” or “pop”. j/k You should see how we talk, hell I can barely spell. and I am married so that messes thing up,lol.

    Any way had a good time posting here, know we had some mis communications , but it all seems to pan out in person, and you should be proud how your fans represented themselves in the city of N.O. We hope you all had a good time.

    Every team has an off day, and I know that happened to the Pats Monday. Not excusing anything, good teams find a way to win, but I wouldn't rip your team apart for it. I really think it was just a simple misunderstanding of how we play ball and not enough preparation. I have said here before the Saints are better than the colts or vikings, Saints are just more complete, and I got some plak for it , and it was justified. But I do think this team is good and Brees is better than he has gotten credit for in the past.

    Your going to be in the playoffs, period, and so are we. What ever BB has to do he will, and you’ll get your shot at us , hopefully. So buck up little camper you guys need to kick some Miami butt. And we have to see if this team is good enouph to go to the show.

    Good luck in your run for the Playoffs Patriot fans , your a class act, and thanks for coming down.

    good game.
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  2. domedog316

    domedog316 Rookie

    Agreed, the Pats fans are among the classiest visitors we've had down as far as how they've taken defeat/victory.

    Good luck the rest of the season!
  3. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

    #24 Jersey

    Josh Mcdanalds ... Josh McDaniels is the Denver coach ... he was at the game?
  4. eagle eye

    eagle eye In the Starting Line-Up

    #85 Jersey

    Fair play pherein, enjoyed having you here over the last few days.

    I have to admit that the Saints were awesome the other night. I think we had an off night but I honestly don't think we would have beaten the Saints on a good night with the way they performed last night.

    I do hope you go all the way if we don't. I cannot see any team beating you right now, the only way you can get beat is if you beat yourselves. Brees has to prove himself in the playoffs but I think he will.

    Again best of luck and as I said I'll be shouting for you guys if we are not there for the big one.
  5. TommyBrady12

    TommyBrady12 In the Starting Line-Up

    #87 Jersey

    saints are the best team in the NFL. Not even the colts could stop them, although i'm sure the colts fans are laughing at the patriots right now. Drew Brees is a good guy.
  6. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

    #24 Jersey

    If the Saints don't make it past Brett Geritol ... it will set your team back 5 years. I think the Saints are more complete a team than anyone ... but on any given game day anyone can win. it will be interesting and oh ... there will be blood.

    One thing not mentioned I don't believe ... we did take Jeremy Shockey out fo the play ... for what it's worth we can cover TE's pretty good this year.
  7. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    ya wicked , there I go again, hit on shockey
  8. Kdo5

    Kdo5 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #26 Jersey

    Its Ronalds Son.

    I wish I had more optimism.
  9. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    Thanks , its a cinch that the Pats pull off the games that matter, and this didnt matter to them that much, we might get a shot, next time I know the CS will see our team for what it is. GG
  10. HarkDawg

    HarkDawg Banned

    At least you are not a POS Colt's fan that thinks their team is great.

    New Orleans is a fantastic team and I wish you all the best in the playoffs and beating the Vikings. I respect Drew Brees........ You guys are a complete team in every aspect except run defense. You guys are my favorite to win it all and you truly are a great team. New Orleans you guys are the real deal unlike another undefeated team i know of and YOU SAINT'S will take it all.

    Best of luck:)
  11. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Normally I believe that any given sunday stuff, especially after 2007, but wow. If I've ever seen a team that could make a case for "**** any given Sunday, we're winning every game and that's that", it's these Saints.
  12. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Great having you around pherein- you're exactly the kind of poster that we like around here. Thanks for the kind words; after the butt-kicking that the Saints laid on our Pats, I don't think there's anything we can do but be humbled by it. You guys have got a great team, and I'm happy for it.

    BTW, are you prepared for the Mercury Morris circus? I kinda want you guys to go 19-0 just for his sake.
  13. Hardboiled

    Hardboiled Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Great time down there. Fun atmosphere at the game. Saints fans didn't pay attention to the Patriot fans - they were having a good time themselves. It was a pleasant experience considering the outcome.

    Brees was very impressive. I am getting sick, though, of being torched by elite QBs.
  14. Afterlifemobile-86

    Afterlifemobile-86 On the Game Day Roster

    I really hope the Saints run the table in the NFC. I can't root for a Favre lead team after the Hostage situation in Green Bay. Best of luck the rest of the way. Although luck is the last thing the Saints need this year.
  15. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

    #24 Jersey

    As someone who went to a Catholic school for 8 years I find those girls wearing the habits ... very very sexy. They could easily let me relive a fantasy from a long time ago.
  16. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    It just happens, its the NFL, you know , any given day. These guys are all pretty good.
    Thanks, we have been waiting a long time as fans for some reason to hide the Bags or put them on ebay, it would be nice to see that happen some day, but the SB is something allot of us just don't comprehend anymore, be more like a dream really, but if we get a shot get your bum down here and you will see a good party you wont soon forget. We would be glade to have your fans down here again, and my bet is we'll be playing you guys.

    Mercury Morris circus ? how crazy is that, lol 19-0 no way, the world would end I think
  17. Bonzo

    Bonzo Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Saints fans are AMAZING. Partied with some awesome cats on Frenchman St last night. I literally had "consolation" drinks coming my way the whole evening. Happy to say, "southern hospitality" is alive and well.
  18. buile

    buile Supporter Supporter

    No Jersey Selected

    Congrats, Pherein! The Saints had a fantastic win.

    > Every team has an off day, and I know that happened to the Pats Monday.

    Personally, I don't believe this. The Pats are a focused and one of the best-coached teams; I attribute "Off" to the Saints taking them out of their game. Great job by New Orleans.
  19. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    Thanks for the gracious words, Pherein. You guys were the classiest guests we've had all year, and the classiest (and by far the best) team we've faced. Welcome back anytime.

    Awesome performance by the Saints Monday night. Phenomenal job. I was particularly impressed by your lines on both sides of the ball - I expected terrific play from the playmakers, but you whupped us on both sides of the LOS. It was as good of a good old fashioned ass kicking as I've seen us get in a while, and will hopefully serve as a wakeup call.

    The Monday night loss doesn't hurt nearly as much as the other ones this season, because while we didn't play well, the Saints were clearly the better team. I have no problem losing when we get outplayed. The other games this season were all winnable, and we gave them away, which hurt much more.

    Hope you guys don't peak too early and make it to the Super Bowl. We have a lot of work to do if we want to have another chance at you guys, and even more if we want to be competitive. Not sure if we can get it done, but I think we'll be better than we were Monday night. Wish we could have made it more of a game.

    If we don't see you again this year, hope you guys win it all, and maybe even go undefeated and finish the job we couldn't in 2007.

    Again, congrats on a phenomenal job, and welcome back anytime.

  20. No doubt the Saints are outstanding.
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