Good crop of underclassmen have declared

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by The Gr8est, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. The Gr8est

    The Gr8est In the Starting Line-Up

    Per Great Blue North Draft site:

    This draft is shaping up to be a good one, good players are being pushed down to us.

    Were on the verge of yet another SB and yet are sitting in great draft position, it's good to be the Pats.
  2. DougGabriel2007

    DougGabriel2007 Practice Squad Player

    All these guys declaring is so excellent, its gonna make our 2 late round picks so much more valuable.. I'm not saying I wanna see Asante go either but I'm pretty sure we can get a #1 pick for him at this point too if it comes to that and in this draft that might be nice.....
  3. Maroney

    Maroney Rookie

    Hey my first post here.

    The Pats are gonna be in great shape. 2 First rounders and we can really add some great players to already one of the top teams (although not the most talented team) in the league. If we can retain Samuel then we will most likely either go wr or fs / ss. Pretty good talent at those spots too. If we could grab either Landry, Griffin, or Nelson along w/ Jarret or the Shark I would be thrilled, and we could be a favorite going into next season.
  4. Seneschal2

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    Yes, good players are sliding to our #24 pick. And you can read all about it in the handy PatsFans Draft Forum.

    There's even a convenient, on-going, 4-page thread called Underclassmen declarations...

  5. The Gr8est

    The Gr8est In the Starting Line-Up

    Thanx for the link to the Draft forum, I haven't seen a link to it since Ian re-did the site.
  6. Seneschal2

    Seneschal2 In the Starting Line-Up

    Your welcome! :)

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