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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. SVN

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    Hard to believe that a New York paper has given us an unexpected and uplifting look into the character of Bill Belichick that most people don't know anything about.

    Thank you, this article was a great read and shows a different side of our coach. I didn't think I could admire the man more and this has shown me a new reason to be glad this man is running our team.
  3. Rawky77

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  4. maverick4

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    AMAZING article, I have been waiting forever for someone to include Jim Brown in their BB pieces.
    If Bill Belichick can be judged by the company he keeps, then his relationships with Jim Brown, the legendary football player, and Bill Russell, the epitome of winning, provide an intriguing insight into a man few outsiders know.
    "The tie that binds them is an initiative that Brown began two decades ago when he founded his Amer-I-can Foundation, which works with gangs and youth throughout the United States to end violence by boosting self esteem, providing jobs and promoting self-worth and personal responsibility.

    Belichick was an early and enthusiastic Amer-I-can supporter. It’s fitting that as New England goes for its fourth Super Bowl championship, Jim Brown will be in Arizona celebrating the 20th anniversary of his foundation and starting a related Peacemakers initiative that Belichick and Russell have also joined along with the former heavyweight champion George Foreman.

    “He’s been unbelievable,” Brown said recently of Belichick, who is one Sunday win away from becoming perhaps the greatest pro football coach of all time. “He’s thorough, so when he buys into you, he knows your character. If you look at this team he has now —they’re calling it the greatest team of all time and all that. If you’re going to build an all-star team, how many of the Patriots would be on your first team? I guarantee you it wouldn’t be more than two or three. The bottom line is that he knows how to use personnel. He buys into the person.”
  5. DarrylS

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    Personal Story, when I was working at the RI Training School the first year BB was here.. Jim Brown had the Amer I Can program there, he came into town to promote his program and he visited us. I was helping out, and heard that BB was coming also. BB arrived first in a very crappy green suit, and I shook his hand and found a seat for him. Jim Brown, my all time fave NFL player, came in and spoke. He spoke in a way that made me respect him even more, as he met a few people in the audience and then integrated their stories into his speech.. very impressive.

    He introduced BB and said something to the effect that if Michael Jordan did as much for city kids as BB did the world would be a much different place.. major props. Afterward I had my pix take with Jim Brown, but kindof ignored BB.. wish I knew what I knew now. Anyways one of the best nights of my life. One of those nights that are forever etched in my brain.
  6. JoePats

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    Hard to believe Bill Rhoden wrote that.
  7. tedylb

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    Belichick, Russell, Brown. Three immortals. Great, great article.
  8. Watson's IQ

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    It's the New York Times, an actual newspaper that does actual research and has actual reporters. If the Post did a piece on BB, it would just be one giant headline "CHEATRIOT" or something like that. It's like comparing filet mignon to a hot pocket.

    Great article.
  9. GhostOfFoxboro

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    It's really nice to read an article like this after so much bad press that is basically written because BB doesn't give good sound bytes to reporters. This idea of him as a horrible human being has gone way too far. It's like that article that was written before the Colts/Pats game this year about how good the Colts and their players and coaches were and how basically BB and the Pats don't ever do charity or help out. There was no basis for any of those claims, but no one outside of NE took the writer to task. Just cause BB doesn't feel the need to flaunt anything positive he does, it doesn't mean he doesn't help out.
  10. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    I agree, we can not lump the "New York Media" together. The New York Times is probably the highest quality newspaper in the county. It makes the Boston Globe look like a hometown rag. The Post on the other hand is a paper that makes the National Inquirer look good.

    We all know there is a huge gap between the journalism at the Globe and the Herald. The gap between the Times and the Post is 100 times greater.
  11. Fanfrom1960

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    Why's that? I have found Rhoden to be fair and objective, at least when I've seen him on the Sports Reporters.

    Jim Brown was, to me, the most exciting football player to watch of all time. Russell was the biggest winner of all time in any sport.

    When asked yesterday what he'd do in the offseason, Belichick said, besides kicking back :eek: and spending time with his kids, he'd go down to spring training and catch up with Tony LaRussa and also go check out the Red Sox. I hope he has another ring to show off (not that he would flaunt it).
  12. Watson's IQ

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    Exactly. If I was going to look for news, I would pick up the Times over the Globe 100 times out of 100. Plus, the Times is not at all known as a "sports paper". They do cover sports of course, but not to the extent even the Globe does. So when I read anything in the Times, I don't expect it to be sensationalized garbage (unless Jayson Blair wrote it, of course).
  13. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Great line......:singing:
  14. patchick

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    Absolutely. The sports desk at the Times is very different from local papers. (And the NY Post is definitely a local, hometown paper -- it's just a very big hometown.) If you want all the scoop on your favorite teams and their players, intensive breakdowns of each game, etc., the Times will not deliver. They treat sports exactly the same as other subjects. That's not great for day-to-day NYC sports fanhood, but great for occasional thoughtful, in-depth reportage.
  15. Watson's IQ

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    Like this article. :D
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