Good article on the 2 TE set and the Pats

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    Yes, it is a good article.

    Kirwan is one of the few national journalists I have time for and his contribution to the story is clear and interesting.

    Also, Ben Watson is saying all the right things. I don't think that 2-TE is a miracle formation (there's no such thing) but both Dan and Ben are very talented and are real pass-catching threats. The key will be keeping them both healthy.
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  3. DarrylS

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    Felt all along the reason we did not make a big splash in the Free Agent Market for WR's, was our TE situation... Watson, is a freak and any matchup against a CB favors him. I also think that is why we drafted Mills and Thomas, can never have enough TE's.
  4. patsfan13

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    This article explains why I disagree with those who assume were just gonna let Graham walk. We need 3-4 good TE's to make this work, depth here is important.

    With the 2 big guys in there this offense will be very tough. Brady is the perfect guy to take advantage of mismatches created and making the right reads.
  5. 14thDragon

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    They point that really hit the nail on the head is health. Which is the unrelenting theme for this year.

    You need a healthy back and healthy tackles to make the 2 TE really effective. If the defense knows that you can't run, or have to keep both TE in for protection, then the mismatch game goes away. If Dillon or Maroney can make defenses respect the run, and Light and Kazcur hold the line in the trenches, then let the devastation begin.

    But hey, health is always the name of the game right?
  6. JR4

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    very good point, 14thDragon. I like the article and it's not that PATs haven't
    tried to do this. Health of players has been the problem. Hopefully PATs
    have paid their dues and catch a break in the injury department this year.
  7. DB15

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    all this talk gets me going
  8. JoeSixPat

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    Actually it won't surprise me to see 3 TE sets used by the Pats this year. Dave Thomas really seems like he has soft hands (insert your own joke here).

    It's not inconceivable that our WR corps either suffers injury or Jackson, Caldwell, or both don't provide immediate results.

    We know Watson's got speed, though with his bulk can't be expected to play as a WR consistently, but I'd say he's got enough juice to have him sent out longer than a typical TE enough to cause opposing DCs some sleepless nights.

    Meanwhile Thomas and Graham lurk around for the shorter dump pass options, with Graham being used as a role player in blocking situations until such a time that defenses get sloppy and shift most of their focus on Thomas and Watson, allowing Graham to show that, yes, he can catch an occasional pass.

    So for me, two TE sets are nice, but I think we can create a new trend by using all our weapons and putting Thomas out there at the same time.
  9. 14thDragon

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    Just as a bit of a thought. I figure that Watson, Thomas and Graham will rotate in and out as often as need be. And will rarely all be on the field at the same time.

    But you could see some intresting three tight end type sets with mills coming in as the H-back.

    Have one 1 WR, have Watson or Thomas split out, Graham inside and then have Maroney or Dillon in the back field. Then you really give defenses headaches. If they decide to blitz, they have to wonder who is staying in to block and who is going to run a route while still having to keep in mind that a run is a definite option.
  10. shmessy

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    Add to all this, the fact that the OL line is better and far deeper than last year and our RB situation will be far better and one can assume that perhaps Piolichik has truly created a Frankenstein.
  11. JoeSixPat

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    Much depends on our WR corps - if Chad Jackson is ready to contribute early (a big if for a rookie) or Reche Caldwell produces like some people think he can (a bigger if) and if all of the above, along with Branch are healthy, then you probably are fine with 2 TE sets for the most part.

    But I'm willing to go on record with the notion that 3 TE sets, with Graham serving the role he's best suited to as an extra blocker - will give DCs fits, and would be even more vital if Branch winds up being our only significant deep threat.

    BB is going to need to figure out what he has with Thomas sooner rather than later so i expect he'll get plenty of playing time and with a 3 TE set I'd bet you can really give defenses problems.

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