Good article on polian by tom curran

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 17, 2007.

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  2. alamo

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    I like this line: "Despite winning in Baltimore, Polian was still whinnying afterward."

    I bet when he originally wrote it "whinnying" was "whining", but either he or his editor felt that was too obvious so he changed it :)

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    I think a blood test should be taken to see if LT is his Illegitimate son:p
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    Curran clearly hates Polian from their days together in the press box. That's where Curran heard all of him BS, I believe.
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    Ya, wasn't it Curran who was witness ot the Polian explosion and the "break Flutie's leg" incident?
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    And all of his *****ing about how the Colts WRs were getting chucked in 2003.
  7. Patters

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    I suppose he has the right to try to make the rules fit the strengths of the Colts, but to be so brazen about it smacks of despair. It's a good sign that he has so little confidence in his team that he wants the refs to aid and abet the passing game. I think the refs, as usual, will do their best to follow the rules, rather than follow Polian's attempt at manipulating them.
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    I sure hope so, and I hope they call a fair game (like they should, right down the middle). That is the thing that worries me the most, especially if this game is close late (see Palomolu's INT last year). All it takes is one or two ticky tacky calls to change the momentum of a game.

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    I have two words for that seriously disturbed, obnoxious, immature fool Polian:

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    Thanks for the link!

    I have stopped browsing most of other sites and stick to this forum for good discussions and updates. In my opinion, a very good % of the devoted fans in this website deliver far more accurate and revealing analysis than any of the experts out there. That, in addition to links to articles like these (+ or - about the Pats) that the fans recommend, makes it thoroughly enjoyable and easy for regular fans like me.

    A zillion thanks to: (a) owner of this website, (b) individuals behind the scenes doing a great job maintaining the site, and (c) the great PatsFans!

    Go PATS!!
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    (c) Your welcome...It's nice to have a fan in NYC. It must be tough. Go Pats!
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    I think it's natural to finda team to pull for in the evnt that the Pats lose but it's getting more difficult to find one I respect enough.

    I thought the Chargers might have been the ones until they showed such a lack of class after the game (and in Merriman's case, during it), and as long as the colts have Polian trying to manipulate the rules and influence the officials, I could never pull for them.

    Guess i'll just have to stick with the Pats...poor me!
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    New Orleans seems respectable.
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    Nice attempt at a save:rolleyes:

    If that were true you wouldn't be doing this story!

    I thought you were speaking for the league and not your team bill??? The other games had no shortage of points

    Again retard, only the indy game was low scoring.......and they were facing the best defense in the league!

    This is why we have those retarded fouls on qb's like when they flagged wilfork for it...and it was harrington who stepped on wilforks head:rolleyes:

    Great line

    The dolts should be ashamed that this guy represents them!
  15. SVN

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    Hey RyanTheColtsFan...what are your thoughts on this ?
  16. 363839

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    This guy ought to be banned from the league....

    .....or at least from the competition commitee.
  17. in 12 we trust

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    Polian is reason enough to hate the Colts.
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