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Good article on CNN

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RxJock1120, Nov 23, 2006.

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    It will be interesting to see how the pass offense works itself out
    over the next couple of weeks. With the new wr's at the beginning of the year and then Graham's injury. Haven't been able to put the offense on the field they want. I'm impressed with Caldwell. A little disappointed Gabriel seems to be fading out of the picture. We can use him. Hopefully, it's a bump in the road and nothing major. Belichick praising Chad Jackson this week was interesting. Maybe, the kid can help. Lots of ??'s. But there is a lot of talent on the offense.

    My biggest concern on defense is the health of the secondary. When Rodney, Wilson and Samuel come back. Gives us the depth we need. Allows C. Scott and A.Hawkins to be nickel and dime backs. Something that we were lacking. I know he's a future hall of famer. But, Seau has been better than I thought. On pace to be lowest nr of points allowed by defense since 16 gm schedule 78.

    Kicking game starting to concern me. In regards to field position. Gostkowski not booming his kickoffs for touchbacks lately. Miller looking more and more like Walter than himself. Plus, I hold my breath on our coverage teams until we tackle the returner.

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