Good analsys of offensive line play vs. MIA by Football Outsiders

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rlcarr, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. rlcarr

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  2. WinstonSmith

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    He’s always a good read.

    I did not watch the Miami game closely as I was working on a few reports for work, but I made an effort to try and focus on Vollmer for a few plays and I agree with his assessment:

    It went beyond ineffectiveness: he looked bad moving around the field. He looked stiff and slow out of his stance (hence why he was behind all his blocks), and had trouble redirecting on pass rushes. With how well he’s played all year, it’s easy to write off this performance due to the injury, but it’s still very worrisome. It’s tough for offensive linemen to get healthier during the year if they’re active every week. Add that to the fact that the Patriots play the Texans and 49ers (two very physical defenses) the next two weeks, and it could be a bumpy road for Vollmer the rest of the way.

    Dante has this Borg like quality of assimilating backups into the collective offensive line without missing a beat, but I think having a healthy Vollmer is critical for a successful playoff run. I hope he finds some good drugs and gets his body right.
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    Shut yo'Muth-Vollmer Rusty, Creativity by McDaniels, Solder Solid, Gronkless Hurt Run

    Shut yo'Muth-Vollmer Rusty, Creativity by McDaniels, Solder Solid, Gronkless Hurt Run

    Nice article:


    Vollmer / Gronkless analysis explains why we couldn't get anything going on the ground in that direction all game. I hope it was just rust and not a lingering issue for Vollmer. We will see this week I suppose. I'm sure the rotating guard play didn't help matters as well. He mentions no Gronk hurt the run overall as well, but hey the sky is blue too.

    I didn't catch this during the game, but it is interesting to see how McDaniels evolved the play a bit (see these web bloggers are good for something). Maybe BB had some input? I'd love to see the original play. Sounds like the QB got blown the F up!

    I didn't mention it in the title, but Thomas gets a shout out along with Solder as well. In retrospect, we tried all game to go wide, then realized we could pound it inside to the left. Lights out 'Phins!

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  4. captain stone

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    Muth's words confirmed what my DVR-watching eyes saw: the right side of the OL sucked bad.

    Let's all hope that SeaBass' piss-poor play was the result of rustiness, instead of his turning into the athletic eqivalent of Andre the Giant circa WrestleMania 3.
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    From the best RT in the game to the athletic equivalent of Andre the Giant circa WrestleMania 3. Can't get off that bandwagon fast enough, can you, Captain. :rolleyes:

    I guess what the rest of league says is true. No one panics faster than a Pats fan, and no fan base "eats its own" faster. Its PATHETIC. I can only wonder who's next on the hit list.
  6. TheBostonStraggler

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    Am I missing your attempt at sarcasm?
    Seabass has played excellent all season (when healthy). He then played sub par in his first game back from a serious, nagging injury. That is cause for concern that he has lost his ability to effectively play his position? LOL, that is the very definition of hitting the panic button way too early.....
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