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    Longtime Pats fan going to Miami for SBXLI and staying at the Airport Sheraton in Fort Lauderdale. Has anyone that has been to a game in Miami have any advice about either driving to the game, arranging a pick up/drop off, or taking public transportation it would be much appreciated.
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    I went to the Fins game a couple of weeks ago - from the Ft Lauderdale airport, Dolphin stadium was about a 20 minute ride - I can't predict what traffic could be like for the SB though. They have huge cash lots (again, at least for the regular season) so parking won't be a problem. Getting in and out was pretty easy.

    As far as pickups/drop offs go or public transportation, I'm sure the Dolphin Stadium website will have some info.

    From Ft Lauderdale, South Beach is an easy 35-40 minute ride from 95 south to 395. If the Pats are playing you'll see tons of fans along Ocean Blvd. Clevelander (on 11th & Ocean) was like a Patriots pep rally the Saturday before.

    Hope you have a good time whether the Pats make it or not. The weather is nice and sunny and windy this time of year.

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