Going deep to Moss on the final two plays

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  1. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    Was the RIGHT call. Felger in his report card was criticizing it, and before anyone here criticizes it, I have to remind you that Moss is the greatest player in the history of the game at going up and just getting a ball in any kind of coverage.

    I, for one, thought that when Brady released the ball to Moss on 3rd and 20 that we were about to witness the greatest pass in Super Bowl history. It was a matter of inches from being just that. Even with all the "what if" plays on defense, I think that's one that I keep replaying in my head the most.

    So, question all the play-calling you want, and I do think McD struggled and didn't make adjustments soon enough in the game, but those last two bombs to Moss were the best way to give the team a chance to win.

    It didn't work out, but man, I keep thinking about how easily it could've.
  2. Satchboogie3

    Satchboogie3 In the Starting Line-Up

    He got open, the ball just need another couple of yards under it. The last 2 minutes of the game just keep playing out in my head over and over and over again. I can't stand it, I've never felt so sick in my life.
  3. Theplayer

    Theplayer Banned

    at that point, it was 3rd and 20..not much else you can do with the clock ticking down. The first long pass to Moss on 1st down maybe can be questioned. Brady was sacked on 2nd down.
  4. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    I think he went to Gaffney actually on first. Yeah, I'll question that, I was fully expecting a screen to Faulk or dump off to Faulk let him run through the middle of the field.
  5. primetime

    primetime Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #18 Jersey

    I was hoping for a Music City Miracle, River City Relay, Stanford-Cal Band Play type thing with rugby-like laterals. But that one pass to Moss was just oh so close. A matter of inches. But the inches were all on the Giants side in that game.
  6. Ootball

    Ootball Guest

    Very few people are talking about those last 2 passes, but I'm amazed that it took what I thought were 2 outstanding plays by the cornerback to deflect both of them. The 3rd down pass in particular goes for a TD if it's either thrown 1 more yard, or the defender doesn't get his fingertips on it.

    The 4th down pass gets them in FG range & out of bounds with a second left. Another fingertip deflection.
  7. pheenix11

    pheenix11 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    29 seconds: Pats 26 yard line

    1st down pass to Faulk 15 yards
    Call time out

    22 seconds: Pats 41 yard line

    1st down pass to Welker 15 yards
    Call timeout

    15 Seconds: Giants 44 yard line

    1st down pass to Welker 15 yards
    Call timeout

    8 Seconds: Giants 29 Yard line

    Kick 46 Yard Field Goal
    Win Game

  8. Drewwho

    Drewwho Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The pass to Moss on 3rd down, if completed, would have been the longest completion in NFL history. Not SB history, NFL history. It was offically 78 yards - a gorgeous throw!

    What p*ssed me off was Moss! He was open enough to make that catch. I watched that replay about 7 times last night and he could have attempted to catch that ball. HE DIDN'T go up for it! If he jumped for it, it was a possible catch. Sure a GREAT catch, but Moss is a great player - a freak athlete. Moss did not go above and beyond himself. We needed him to go for it there. Dive, jump, go after it. He has the ability to do just that and on that pass/play he didn't go for it. Brady put the ball where it had to be - he did his job on that play. Brady threw it just ahead of him so it would not be picked, Moss had his eye on that ball for a full 3 seconds, he followed it - I saw it in slow motion, but Moss did not go after it. WHY!?

    Moss dogged alot of plays at the end of the season - there I said it! I have been thinking it for weeks now and I wanted to say it. To me Moss started the year on fire, going after everything Brady threw at him, but once Moss got his mojo back in place and people started to give him all kinds of props, he seemed to get complacent. No, he didn't seem to, he DID get complacent. Jaws called him out for it after the Philly game and everyone, including Brady stood up for Moss, but he was right! Moss dogged alot of plays at the end. Maybe, just maybe that is why Brady didn't go to him much in the playoffs - even in double coverage as he had done in the regular season. Maybe Brady sensed Moss would not go for it, try hard to grab the ball out of the air and make that signature Randy Moss catch. That is why we got him - because he makes sick, crazy catches. Moss, when applying himself is sick - SICK! ...but in the end, he didn't want it more than the other team. Why? What is up with Moss. Why would he make a statement on Friday before the SB saying he was happy the season was coming to end, he said he was ready to put the season to rest! Why say it? He gets lazy - he was lazy, he dogged it.

    Hey, whether he caught the ball or not, he should have at least tried -he should have because he is Randy Moss. I hope when the Pats consider resigning him, they look at that particular play and many plays at the end of the season and reconsider breaking the bank for a lazy, complacent player with the best talent in the league - so fustrating!
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  9. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    i think the offense and team got rattled after the giants TD and the pressure showed. They really didnt expect the giants to score. if we were playing any other game , Brady wouldve dumped the ball of 3 -4 times and at least got us in FG range. Those last few secs were a microcosm of how the team played the entire game -uptight and tense. Right from the moment brady showed disgust on losing the coin toss.
  10. cblesz

    cblesz Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I agree that he did NOT go up for that ball and if he did he may have had a shot at it...
  11. mcgraw_wv

    mcgraw_wv In the Starting Line-Up

    Maybe there was so much more at stake that just throwing it up to Moss in double coverage was not worth the risk as it is when yoru up by 28 to the Dolphins.

    I did see that, and I did think Moss had a chance at it, just jump, the guy can jump pretty high.

    But overall the play calling was bad, they should have used their timeouts, they only needed 50 yards in 28 seconds with 3 timeouts.

    Without Moss, any other year we would have tried to work the field for a FG. Perhaps Moss gives the OC and Brady and unesseccary amount of confidence and tunnel vision.
  12. Drewwho

    Drewwho Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    He is Randy Moss - that is why we signed him, that is why we were 18-0 to begin with. Why deviate from what got you there? Moss did not jump after that ball - a great pass, would have been a great catch. But he didn't even try! It p*sses me off...
  13. Mack Herron

    Mack Herron In the Starting Line-Up

    #24 Jersey

    Moss' effort on the ball was poor. Same also for Samuel, Hobbs, Harrison, and especially Woods. These balls were all ours for the taking. Brady should have thrown the ball before taking a sack that led to going for it on 4th down. Many chances to make plays they did not make. It is what it is.
  14. Satchboogie3

    Satchboogie3 In the Starting Line-Up

    He probably thought it was going to slip through the coverage. :bricks:
  15. Armen Da Pats Fan

    Armen Da Pats Fan 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #87 Jersey

    You must not have been watching the 1990 1-15 Pats under Rod Rust!

    Now THAT was sickening!

    Going 18-1 and losing the Super Bowl by 3 points to a team that was more prepared than us and played with more intensity (Randy Moss' words, not mine) is hardly "sickening"!

    (Damn, we've gotten spoiled, haven't we?)
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  16. blevins

    blevins Rookie

    I disagree about Moss on that pass. He was sprinting downfield trying to get separation from 2 defenders. It appears the ball might get to him but was slightly underthrown and tipped away at the last second. No way could Randy stop on a dime and jump for the ball that quickly - especially since it appeared to have a chance of getting to him if he continued running.
    The pass to Moss in the end zone earlier in the game was one of Brady's really off target ones. Moss broke to his left wide-open and the ball was thrown hard, no where near him, out of bounds. Not one of Tom's best games. But the constant pressure by the Giants would tend to rattle even the best QB.
    Your accusation that Moss wasn't hustling during the playoffs is really offbase. Statements like that show why Moss is given an undeserved reputation. He was used as a decoy in the first two games, with passing to him never the first option. He ran his routes on every play, blocked when needed, and attempted to catch the ball if thrown to. Brady chose to throw to open receivers instead of forcing it to Moss. He was to be used more in Super Bowl 42 but the Giants didn't allow Brady the time to find him. Moss, Welker, and Faulk were probably the nearest things we had to studs offensively in the Super Bowl. The OL was putrid, Maroney danced, Brady was average instead of Tom Terrific - But again the NYGs had something to do with those poor performances.. I hate to see us start ripping apart players, questioning their desire to win, after a hard fought loss to a team that simply outplayed and outcoached us on that one day. None of this would be mentioned if that last NY drive had resulted in 0 points and a 14-10 PATS win. You would be praising Moss for the move that left the defender on the ground as he caught the winning TD.
    If you've been waiting for a loss to blame Randy Moss for, this one is not it.
  17. mcgraw_wv

    mcgraw_wv In the Starting Line-Up

    I think, or atleast I think I think, that we are talking about the pass Randy was a step or two in front of his man, and didnt make an effort to even raise his hands as the ball sailed over, but not too far over, as it only landed maybe 7 yards away from him.

    It wasn't the roll out, wait and chuck it 80 yarder that I think your thinking of... that was tight coverage, and would have taken a miracle to complete.
  18. blevins

    blevins Rookie

    You are right, I'm thinking of the pass at the end of the game that was tipped away at the last second. I thought that was the pass Drewwho was referencing.
    Still see no reason to criticize Moss on either play or in any of our 19 games.
    A record season in TD catches, 18 wins, a 3 point Super Bowl loss in the last minute - then criticizm. I just don't feel fans should treat their team (the Patriot family) that way.
  19. PittPatriot

    PittPatriot PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #11 Jersey

    I vomitted after reading this. I can totally see it playing out this way, but we will never know. The bombs seemed a bit desperate at the time, but then I realized that if Brady throws 3 straight bombs to Moss, the chances of him catching it OR getting a Pass Int. call are pretty damn good.
  20. cblesz

    cblesz Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Right. We aren't the Colts....:D
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