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    Just throwing out some quick numbers too look at for down the stretch.

    The Patriots are ranked 7th in rushing as a team. 31.4 attempts per game averaging 4.1 YPC and 9td's

    In Passing this may come as a surprise to some but the Patriots are ranked 13th. Throwing for about 213 YPG.

    Patriots are 8th in scoring Offense with 23.4 PPG.

    Patriots still hold the best kicking offense in the league averaging more than 25 yards per KO return.

    Patriots are 9th in the turnover differential with only a +3 now. We were top 5 heading into last week. But 5 turnovers has that effect.

    Patriots are the 12th ranked Defense in the league. Giving up 304 yards a game while allowing 5.1 yards per play.

    Patriots are 28th in Pass Defense Allowing 229 yards per game for 6TD's while having 9 INTS. Teams average 33 throws per game.

    OTOH Patriots rank 3rd on Rush Defense Allowing 75 yards per game for only a 3.2 yard average.

    Patriots are the 4th Scoring Defense Allowing only 14.2 points per game. Last week they were ranked 2nd.

    The Patriots have dropped considerably in the recent weeks in their Kicking Defense dropping to 19th. Allowing opposing teams to average 26.2 yards per return. Side note in the first 5 weeks of the season the Patriots were top 10 in this category the past few weeks the team has allowed significant return yardage several times.

    Just some numbers for some to munch on heading into Sundays games.
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    IMO, the pass defense stats are deceiving. Teams are playing from behind, so they need to pass and we don't let them run.
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    Comparing the first half of 2006 to 2005......
    prorating one half of the 2005 numbers to 2006 (it's easier than going over them game by game but probably slightly less accurate but more representative of an entire season)
    total first downs 167------------------------175
    rushing first downs 50.5-----------------------62
    rushing yards 756-----------------------1022
    rushing average ypc 3.44---------------------4.07 (up 18.2%)
    number of rushing plays 217----------------------251
    passing yards 2060------------------------1706
    total yards 2816--------------------------2728

    first downs 153----------------------------136
    3rd down conversion 42%-------------------------38.7%
    total yards 2641----------------------------2433
    rushing yards 790----------------------------601 (down 23.9%)
    TDs allowed 19 --------------------------------12

    It demonstrates the obvious, that the running game is much better this year and the defense, the rush defense is much better in terms of giving up less points. They have given up more than 17 points only once all season.
    For all the gripes and one note ponies about losing the receivers, the TDs scored (23 in half a season prorates to equal total of 46 all of least season with a difference of 4 FGs over a whole season (8/12 in half a season vs. 20/25 over a full 2005)
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    Good work PF in Philly. I dont think anyone had a doubt that this team wasnt significantly better than last years team overall. But seeing it now just proves the fact that it is.

    Its great to see the rushing game is really balancing out the whole team as well. Also Brady is only 300 yards behind his mark from last year.
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    More numbers (sorry for the crummy formatting)

    ----------------------2005 (prorated-----------------2006
    Punt return----------7.9 ypr-------------------------12.6 ypr
    Kickoff returns------22.2 ypr-------------------------26.5 ypr

    Punt return--------9.6 yor ---------------------------10.1 ypr
    KO return----------21.9-------------------------------25.5 ypr

    As with any small sample, one outlier can affect the whole. Look at punt returns and the Pats were allowing 1+ yards per return thru week 5. One big return for 71 yards blows up their average from 14/80 of 5.7 ypr to 15/151 or 10.1. They have one long return allowed last season as well.
    Overall the return game is much better this year than last and that affects field position ( restating the obvious) but over the course of the game those back and forths can add up to points and do......
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