God told to surrender driver's license

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    God told to surrender driver's license

    The state cancels certification for a man who signs official documents with the name of the deity.

    By Mary E. Young
    Reading Eagle

    Now, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is questioning God's driver's license.

    On Tuesday five days after the Berks County Elections Board questioned God's signature on a voter-registration form God received a letter from PennDOT ordering him to surrender his license on Valentine's Day.

    In the letter, the department said God must surrender his license if he fails to provide his birth certificate and Social Security card to PennDOT by then.

    On Friday, God whose given name is Paul Sewell sought judicial intervention and asked the county court to block PennDOT's action.

    The department cites no reason in the letter for the cancellation.

    Claudine Battisti, PennDOT spokeswoman, said she could not comment.

    God of the 200 block of North 10th Street could not be reached for comment.

    According to state law, a driver is required to write his usual signature on his license.

    The law also states the department can cancel a license if the licensee was not entitled to it; if the person failed to give required or correct information; if the person committed fraud in obtaining the license; or the license has been materially altered.

    The department also can cancel a license for vehicle violations in another state if those violations would have resulted in suspension or revocation had they occurred in Pennsylvania.

    God, a self-employed bond enforcement agent, previously said he signs all his official documents that way because fugitives always preface their comments with “Oh, God,†when he captures them, and his co-workers thought that was funny and started calling him God.

    His appeal to the court states: “I do not know why they are canceling my driver's license that I have had at age 16. Now I am 40.â€

    He signed his appeal “God.â€

    God asked the court to order PennDOT not to cancel his license until his appeal is heard.

    God is expected to attend an upcoming elections board meeting to discuss his voter-registration signature.

    Contact reporter Mary E. Young at 610-478-6292 or myoung@readingeagle.com.

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