God tells Joe the Plumber not to run for office..

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. DarrylS

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    along with the republican party, most of his constituents, his "inner circle".. Joe is not fading from the woodwork and wants to continue his 15 minutes of face time.. makes me wonder how much religion this guy had before he was cast into the national spotlight???..

    This is from a Worldnet daily interview, so it has to be true...

    The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room God to Joe the Plumber: Don’t run for office

  2. Harry Boy

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    The plumber should just go back to his real job, "plumbing" the reason Joe became a household word is that he was a nobody, an ordinary citizen, but when the microphnone was put up to him he had the audacity and the balls to actually "talk back" to this phony lip smacking con man with mickey mouse ears that the Racist Fawning Slobbering Media were trying to sell to the world as "God Himself" Joe The Plumber had the balls to ask a tough question from the Racist Democrats newly found "Messish" how dare this plumber talk back to our "Saintly Leader".

    Stay out of it Joe, politicians are the filthiest scumsucking lying vicious bastards in the world, they will go after you and your whole family, they will try to destroy your dead mother, the people you will have to fight are the same people that were up in Alaska going through Sarah Palins Garbage Bags.

    You did your job Joe, you stood up to that Chicago Politican Barack Hussein Obama the democrats new "Jesus" and you grabbed the attention of the whole world, that drove The Obama Groupies insane.

    Do what God says Joe "stay away from the swine" remain the man you are.
  3. wistahpatsfan

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    #75 Jersey

    Exactly when did Joe "do his job"?

    What if God tells him to blow up the Washington Monument or root for the Jets?
  4. CrazyDave

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    Joe is not even a plumber.
    And dumber than a box of rocks.
    He is an embarrasment to working people everywhere.
    If I saw him, I'd kick his ass up and down the block.

    This post is dedicated to my friend Harry.

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