Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Patriots Style

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    A few hours early but a thread on thanksgiving for the Pats is in order


    Robert Kraft - The owner who took a laughing stock of a franchise from rags to riches and eliminated any thoughts of the team moving to St.Louis

    Bill Belichick - The best coach by far in the history of the Patriots who took over the reigns from a lethargic underperforming team that had been under the failing regime of Pete Carroll.

    Tom Brady - For being as great as you are and giving us a quarterback in New England that we may never see again

    Tedy Bruschi - A player who stuck with this team despite knowing he could have received a better contract elsewhere if he had desired player has been as unselfish as Tedy,A rare thing these days when money is a big issue for just about every player and what a great ILB you were.

    Troy Brown - A player who was about as great of a TEAM player as there ever was - How many WRs would risk playing a position at CB or anywhere for the sake of the team even if that meant multiple positions on both sides of the ball,what a great asset he was,not to forget a player in the clutch

    Adam Vinatieri - Yeah I know he is not much of a favorite these days since he is wearing a horseshoe but how can we forget those amazing kicks in the SBs and the Snow Bowl...without Adam we lose at least one of those championships.

    Drew Bledsoe - yeah he made lots of mistakes as our QB in the 90s but we all remember the bad years before drew arrived and how he brought hope and happiness during his early years as our QB and taking a team to the SB,he was not even a shadow of Brady but he awoke many a pats fan from depression which we all had for nearly a decade long,1993-1997 was fun to watch him,even if we didn't get to the promised land.

    Bill Parcells - Drafted players that rebuilt this pathetic team back in 1992 and several of those players went on to become huge factors in our first championship years later after his student Belichick took over.

    Thanks to the Jets who thought Danny Woodhead was not good enough to fit in their roster :)

    Thanks to Ian and this great site who can put up with pessimistic guys like me and still keep an awesome site for Pats Fans :cool:

    And last but not least a special thanks to the Special Teams coaches of the Dolphins and was like you were on OUR team ;)

    Any others who want to give thanks Patriots Style?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and enjoy your stuffed Lion...err Turkey tomorrow! :)
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