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    ill cya guys in a couple weeks i cant even stand looking at this board i get too mad haha....this puts me in a bad mood just thinking that peyton wo-manning beat us in the playoffs!! it pains me just to think about the game and everywhere i look on the internet i see stupid peyton manning.

    anyways, i just want to say thanks for the good season i had alotta fun discussing out pats and ill be back once things start stirring up in the offseason...till then i dont know how much there is to my opinion i think we were right all along about the pats and our weaknesses were exposed...
    WR - give me a break reche, that was absolutely pathetic. Brown and Gaffney had pretty good games, nothing to call home about
    LB - colvin played great, vrabel i cant bash, tedy please retire because i want you to retire at your peak, TBC is a good situational guy...

    in my opinion these are the areas that the colts were able to expose... either that or we killed ourselves (reches dropped passes) and i know one didnt matter but still, its a momentum killer and the other one was key...

    anyways...i really look forward to picking 24 and 30(?) in the draft and haveing loads of extra picks....cya guys soon illl be all over teh place when draft time comes

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