Gilligan stranded with $16 million on Revis Island

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by goheels22002, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Darrelle Revis reportedly unhappy with Greg Schiano -

    Darelle Revis jumped at the $1 million per game contract with Tampa Bay and is already unhappy with his head coach and the zone coverage that forces him to work in unison with his teammates. If Goldson's suspension is upheld, the Patriots may be catching the dispirited Buccaneers at just the right time.

    Once a Jet, always a Jet.
  2. AƟƟynormal

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    Revis is both right and whining, he should keep his mouth shut outside of the team. However, they do pay him a $Million a game (plus the draft pick) to play zone???? It seems dumb to me. :confused:

    It's great for us if this continues. We'll know what side of the field he's playing (and how deep he'll drop) and no 1v1 with Edelman all game. :)
  3. patsfan-1982

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    best move the jets have done in a long time was trading him they got a good DT in Sheldon Richardson, and Dee Milliner who they Drafted #9 is pretty good, they were the #2 pass defense last year without him and right now they are ranked 6th the bucs are 18th right now,

    I really do feel bad for the bucs they have 25 million in Goldson and Revis one is not happy and the other is getting suspended for making stupid plays
  4. Pessimistic Pete

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    The Bucs are basically the NFC version of the Jets now.

    Except instead of lucking into wins they luck into losses.

    There is no excuse to lose to this dysfunctional team.
  5. supafly

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    I agree that there's no excuse to lose to TB, but I'd personally change the reasoning myself. It'd likely consist of: the additional mini-bye time to recoup, break down film, and practice without having to leave home; along with the hopeful progress of the passing game.

    The potential return of Sudfeld and/or Gronk may also go quite a long ways too.

    However, as we know anything can happen, and TB has battled in their past 2 games pretty nicely and should at least be 1-1. If our offense plays anywhere close to last week, they probably have a decent chance at pulling off the upset. It's all going to come down to how the Pats used their 10 day break, and how the offense can make some strides.

    At this point no game is a "gimme" anymore, at least until we see some things get back to normal.
  6. ausbacker

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    Milliner may end up being very good but Patriots fans have chastized Patriots corners for putting up better performances than he did against the Patriots. That said, Richardson was damn impressive against the Patriots.
  7. Joker

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    The Rats played their D front rushing six at least 50% of the plays...they played that same "amoeba" look that gave Brady trouble in the Pats loss 6 games ago in the playoffs. Richardson is a load one on one and with all those D lineman walking around pre-snap, getting a double team is near impossible.

    Still, if these rooks HOLD ONTO the ball, which is WHY they were drafted and which is WHAT they are supposed to do, the Pats win that game by double digits. The next time these two play, Gronk, hopefully, will be in the lineup and the rooks will have seasoned.
  8. resdubwhite

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    With all of the comings at goings at tampa (Captaingate etc) they do look in a huge state of flux.

    May it continue past this weekend. But....

    Our O needs to improve BIG TIME.
  9. TommyBrady12

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    a lot of the bucs players are not happy with schiano, not just revis.
  10. DarrylS

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    Once your are jet, you are always a jet... from West Side Story...

  11. Rob0729

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    Why would you pay the best man-to-man CB in the league top money and stay primarily in a zone defense? Revis is wrong if he is causing problems, but he is right that it is ridiculous that they would play mostly zone.
  12. chasa

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    My prediction after the patriots win

    "the patriots only won because the tampa players dont like their coach" -CLS
  13. KontradictioN

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    Schiano prefers to go zone-heavy in the back end. It's essentially a carbon copy of what he did at Rutgers. I had thought he was going to change that and feature more looks in press-man after getting Revis (because, after all, what would be the point of getting him then paying him all that money), but I guess not. That should give the rookies a good amount of open looks this Sunday. Give them some easy ones, let them build their confidence, and go from there.
  14. Rob0729

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    That is good for the Pats for several reasons:
    • As stated, a zone defense does not maximize Revis' skills. He is best press man coverage guy in the league. He can be given a receiver to shadow all over the field and neutralize him. Now, he is responsible for an area of the field and not a receiver. He will shadow that receiver while he is in that area and then he hands off that receiver to a nickelback or safety.
    • Brady historically eats apart zone defenses, but has issues with man defense. Part of the reason for the offensive struggles the first two weeks go back to the history of Brady and this offense struggles with man. With a zone defense, Brady and his receivers can exploit soft parts in the zone (assuming the receivers run the right routes and catch the ball that is).
  15. Wax Frog

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    Beat him up Bill, he's the Schiano Man
    Beat him up going Tight
    'Cause we're all in the mood for some Gronkowski
    Hooman's a knife in a gunfight...
  16. PatsDeb

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    The title of this thread made me LOL. And who'd a thunk it, Darelle? The GRASS is always greener on the other side, not the money.
  17. BradyFTW!

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    Agreed - I'll even go a step further and say that Milliner hasn't been good at all so far. That's kinda to be expected, though -- most corners, including Revis himself -- don't really make the leap until their second or third year. McCourty was more the exception than the rule, and I bet that Milliner will ultimately be a much better corner than he is right now.

    Richardson's a stud, though. The talent that they're assembling along their defensive line is scary good; one more guy and they're in 2004 Pats territory. I loved watching those elite 3-4 Pats defensive lines at work, before Seymour hurt his knee and Warren tailed off.

    Re: Revis - he may be an *******, but he's also right. Why trade for the guy and give him that contract if you're not going to put him on an island with the opposing team's #1? That's what he does, and it's the only reason why you could even try to make a case that he's worth what the Bucs are paying him. Either Schiano's an idiot (which I already believe to be true for about a half dozen other reasons) or he just doesn't believe that Revis is capable of doing what he did for the Jets.
  18. PatsFan2

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    Does't that leprehaun looking dude own the Bucs? I guess wasting money ain't a problem for him because he has so much. Revis certainly got his pot of gold.:cool:
  19. resdubwhite

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    The Glazer family own Tampa. Also own Man Utd.

    The bastards.
  20. goheels22002

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    Bob Kraft: "The answer to your question is, yes. You fight for me, you get to kill English."

    ResDubWhite: "Excellent!"

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