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Giants WR v. Our Secondary

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by billdog3484, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. billdog3484

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    Apr 28, 2008
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    Much has been made over the last two weeks regarding the matchup of the New York Giants Wide Receiving Corp versus our Secondary.

    Let's get some facts straight.

    (1) The Giants have better players than us in this matchup, and they have an advantage.
    (2) The Giants are going to pass for a bunch of yards. I'd be surprised if they don't reach 300.

    My opinion is I dont think it matters. I think no matter who we were playing, if there was a decent QB on the other side and mediocre WR set, we STILL would give up around 300 yards. It has happened all year. I think this matchup has been overstated.

    To me, the most important things will be :

    (1) Turnovers. We must force the Giants to commit 2 or more turnovers. Confuse Eli enough to a point where 2 or 3 times during the game he makes a poor read and/or a foolish throw which he is prone to. My college coach always read this stat before every game:
    (A) You commit 1 more turnover than your opponent you lose 68% of the time;
    (B) You commit 2 more turnovers than your opponent you lose 82% of the time;
    (C) You commit 3 more turnovers than your opponent you lose 91% of the time.
    Turnovers will be a big factor. We must do a better job protecting the ball.

    (2) Big Plays. We will give up a lot of yards. We must not allow the 50+ yard TDs. Nicks and Cruz have been great busting the big ones all year, we must avoid that. Bradshaw reminds me a lot like Fred Jackson on Buffalo. I think the Pats will do their best to take away Cruz and Nicks, and Bradshaw will be running patterns out over the middle in matchups against our Linebackers. Jackson had some good big gainers in our first matchup, I just hope Mayo/Spikes do a decent job containing him. Give them the yards between the numbers but dont break.

    (3) Penalties. We must avoid late hits on Eli and the long Pass Interference Penalties. In the last game, Sergio Brown's ill fated tackle in the end zone about 2 seconds prior to the pass arrived sealed our fate. None of that this time.

    (4) Red Zone Defense. This goes with point 2. We must do our best to keep the Giants out of the End Zone. Force Tynes to make kicks. I personally think he is a weak kicker.

    To me, I think the #1 key to this game is not the matchup I talked about. I think the matchup is our OL verse their DL. If we can keep them off of Brady early, that will set the tone.
  2. brdmaverick

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    #32 Jersey

    Given this, we were pretty fortunate to escape the AFC Championship Game.
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