Ghosts Of Presidents Past Are Warning Pant Suit

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Dead Presidents are rolling in their graves as they watch in disbelief as Pant Suit Hillary struts around grinning, clapping her hands and bobbing her stupid old head so the dead presidents decided to send a message.
    Led by the Late Great Ronald Reagan & General George Washington the Spirits of the all the deceased Presidents Smashed Pant Suit Hillary's American Flags to the floor for all of America to see, Pant Suit Hillary's little band of Loons that she has hired to "Grin With Her" went wild, some had to be sedated others urinated in their pants, see below.

    News Today:
    ABC News' Eloise Harper and Rick Klein Report: It's been a rough stretch for Hillary Clinton -- a tough debate performance, a lost voice, and the revelation that the Clinton campaign had been coaching questioners at events.

    Then, on Sunday, everything started falling down around her.

    After a very Presidential-esque news conference - Clinton turned around to leave the reporters and their peppering questions. A staffer swooped open a curtain, and chaos ensued. Four large American flags came crashing in front of Senator Clinton as she headed for the door. In a controlled panic, the staffers and the Senator attempted to catch the flags before they fell to the ground.
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    God works in mysterious ways sometimes.


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