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  1. Remix 6

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    PUP list decision. After Week 6(after next game verse Dallas), we can activate our PUP guys which include Seymour/Jackson/Jackson/Brown

    I really hope we activate Seymour and Jackson asap

    i would like to see Troy but theres not much room and we need to let Jackson develop

    place Troy on IR..get him another ring :)
    not sure about Eddie Jackson..hes more of a ST player and we got enough DBs. We do have enough WRs but i would lvoe to see Chad get activated after week 6 :)
  2. DefenseRules

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    Re: Getting Close To..

    I agree. It will be interesting to see how this all works out.
  3. psychoPat

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    Re: Getting Close To..

    Very important reminder - that decision is sneakin up.

    Big Richard, of course.
    I read his earlier comments about "waiting until I can dominate, not just play"
    as, he'll be ready for the roster.
    (When Marcellus is resurrected, ChadBrown/Kareem/Kyle/Santonio has to go.)

    Whenever #93 is activated, another of that quartet must be sacrificed.

    Troy won't play again, i'm a-feared.

    The two Jackson brothers, though ... they are a conundrum.
    String the decision out as long as possible ...
    and then let the latest injury status dictate the outcome.
  4. shmessy

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    Re: Getting Close To..

    Richard Seymour for Santonio Thomas.

    Chad Jackson for Kelly Washington/Jabar Gaffney

    ........and Troy Brown for Heath Evans (unless "Mr 1.4 YPC" threatens to release the secret embarrassing photos of BB that he's been holding over his head the past year).

    Please don't give me the "Well 1.4 YPC is because he's our short yardage back".. Uh uh. He had two shots at the 1 yard line last week and couldn't dent the line. Then today he has a pathetic drop on a key short pass where there was no one around him. His blocking is OK, but that's about it. Eckels at least is not a liability as a carrier.
  5. letekro

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    Re: Getting Close To..

    Evans is a good blocker, their closest thing to a true FB, and on top of that he is a key ST performer and can carry the ball in a pinch. Eckels may be a better pure runner, but Evans spot is ensured.
  6. bradmahn

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    Re: Getting Close To..

    I agree about Evans, but I like Eckel better. :D
  7. Wildo7

    Wildo7 Totally Full of It

    How about Chad Jackson for Chris Hanson, and we just try not to have to punt it anymore.
  8. letekro

    letekro In the Starting Line-Up

    Nah, that would give that pr***k Easterbrook too much satisfaction.

    (TMQ has been arguing that punting is a bad play in general for years).
  9. fgssand

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    Never count out Troy Brown.......he'll be back and at some point, we will all be VERY happy he did return!
  10. Remix 6

    Remix 6 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    possible guys leaving
    -Matt Gutierrez
    -Marcellus Rivers(assumign he resigns)
    -LeKevin Smith
    -Kareem Brown
    -Santonio Thomas
    -Chad Brown

    injuries are always possible(god forbid though)

    Smith and Thomas have done well in preseason/filling for Wright

    Matt Gutierrez and Rivers are 3rd guys at their position but we do use TEs a lot depending the gameplan

    Chad Brown..he hasnt been active..dont need him.

    K. Brown hasnt really done much.4th rounder..were not afraid to cut though but it depends what they see in him if anything but i think hed be the man out or Thomas.

    Eckel is as good as gone once Laurence is back. Evans is very safe..easily imo because hes a good run blocker and hes very cheap, good man

    I see this if we get Seymour and Chad back
    3 QBs
    4 RBs
    3 TEs
    6 WRs
    8 OL

    10 DBs
    8 LBs
    7 DL

    1 K

    thats 52

    cuts would be
    replace: Eckel with Maroney
    replace K. Brown/S. Thomas with Seymour
    add Jackson
    cut had Brown

    am i right?
  11. alamo

    alamo praedica numerum! Supporter

    Keep in mind we are not forced to start a PUP player practicing until game 9. And then we have another 3 weeks from that point to add him to the 53 (or else cut him or IR him). So we could well push off the decision on Troy and Chad Jackson until week 12, to see if there are any injuries at receiver before then.
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  12. Remix 6

    Remix 6 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    week 12? you mean week 9

    u get 3 weeks to activate the player so thats from after week 6 until after after 9th game

    i dont expect anyone to just get activated that easily. they'll practice..see how they are, etc
  13. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    No he means week 12. You have a 3 week window in which to activate a player off PUP. You then have another 3 week window after activating him to decide whether or not to add him to the roster, IR or cut him. So if a player doesn't come off PUP until week 8 for example, you can postpone a decision on him until he practices for 3 weeks or until week 12.

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