Gaza Cafe: coffee & blown-ups

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    So, how about that religion of peace? Maybe people really meant religion of piece, as in piece of TNT? Anyhow, Make sure you lay off the coffee during Ramadan.

    This was in a forum I moderate.

    Al-Qaeda affiliate burns coffee shop in Gaza Strip

    Al-Qaeda affiliated group takes responsibility for setting internet coffee shop ablaze in Gaza Strip as punishment for what they deem unethical behavior. Group threatens others who don't comply with ethical standards. Growing strength and presence of al-Qaeda in Gaza, West Bank, looms over Palestinian Authority, whole region

    Ali Waked Published: 10.08.06, 16:17

    After the Palestinian branch of al-Qaeda took responsibility for killing a senior Palestinian intelligence officer and four of his escorts three weeks ago, the group again took responsibility for violence in the Gaza Strip. Early Sunday morning, Gunmen shot and set fire to an internet coffee shop in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip, causing massive damage.

    Sunday afternoon an announcement was made claiming that the organization Islamic Swords of Justice, identified as an affiliate of al-Qaeda are responsible for the incident.

    Intra-Palestinian conflict escalates: Eight killed, dozens wounded when striking Hamas security apparatus tries to suppress protests by Palestinian security officers demanding months of unpaid wages. Abbas calls for calm
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    In the organization's announcement, it was stated that burning the coffee shop is "part of a series of actions aimed at fighting corruption and the corrupt. During the holy month of Ramadan, our fighters have started operating on the holy land and in the early morning placed a bomb weighing ten kilograms (22 pounds) next to the coffee shop, ridden with corruption and characteristic of the unethical activities that have increased in recent days. Jihad fighters detonated the bomb as a message to all the corrupt people."

    According to the gunmen, the owner of the establishment was pre-warned that his business serves as a center for unethical activity and that he should straighten out the situation before it is too late. The organization warned that they would not spare anyone they deemed unethical and that their "swords will have no mercy on them.",7340,L-3312455,00.html

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