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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by The Dynasty, Oct 24, 2010.

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    I guess I will just post my overall game thoughts here instead in in individual threads...

    - A win is a win. No matter how bad the Pats looked in the 4th quarter a win is a win. It isnt easy to travel to the west coast and win a game against a desperate Charger team, and the Pats did that today. It was a well deserved victory. I think both teams could have very easily have won this game by double digits. If the Chargers didnt have 4 costly turnovers, penalties, drops etc. they win the game going away. Also, the Pats should have converted on these mistakes and put the game away when they could have. Also, I think the 2009 Patriots lose this game, the 2010 Patriots hung in there and did what they had to do to win

    - The prevent defense never works. We saw this last year and the Pats second half failure to hold leads. It just opens up way too much over the middle for opposing offenses and they take the 5-10 yard dump offs and march right down the field. The Pats corners play too soft to begin with trying to prevent the big play, so why do even more to prevent that from happening. If you are going to play the prevent you need to tighen up in the red zone. The Pats did perform well in the red zone, holding them to field goals until the 4th quarter. I just hate when teams go into prevent because it never works

    - I thought the coaching could had been a little better and I think BB knows this and wouldnt openly admit it, but he knows it could have been better. Whether its BB or Scott O'Brien, they should have been ready for the onside kick. There is no excuse for that, even if they didnt put the whole hands team out there, atleast have more guys on the front line. Then, the 4th and 1. First of all it was a terrible decision, you punt the football. We learned this last year on 4th and 2 and you would think BB would have learned. This time luckily a penalty and a missed field goal saved another week of 4th and 1 talk. Have some confidence in your defense, unlike last year they have proven that they can make plays in crucial situations. I think the biggest reason you punt the football is the Pats struggle in short yardage and can never seen to convert on 3rd/4th and short. They dont have a true short yardage back or a full back. Their best option on this play is a QB sneak or a pass. If they were going to go for it I would have probably ran a play action and find a TE quickly, or just run a QB sneak. Watching the game live I knew they wouldnt get a first down with a running play, they only had 30 something yards rushing all day.

    - Overall, the Pats are 5-1 which I think is a lot better than what most people would have predicted before the season started. We knew it would be a roller coaster ride with all of the new and inexperienced guys playing major roles on the team. Its been fun watching all of the young guys get better and better each week and make plays. McCourty, Hernandez, Gronk, Spikes (not today), Arrington, Tate, Woodhead, just to name some. I think fans need to expect some more games like this just because of the inexperience of the team. There will be plenty of more games that come down to the 4th quarter and last plays of games, so hop on board and get ready for the ride. Should be a good one this week with Randy's return to Foxboro.
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