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Game observations

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by slash83, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. slash83

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    1- being at the game watching Brady really gives you an appreciation for how great he is. The way he moves in the pocket and remains calm under all that hecticness is amazing. Some of those deep out routes and crossing patterns I thought had no chance of hitting the receiver ended up being right on the money, totally different watching him operate in person rather then the tv.

    2- I was at the corner endzone when Seymour had that sack that was taken away for unnecessary roughness, Seymour slammed him to the ground which was uncalled for.

    3- DMC had a good game, gave up a couple short plays but nothing serious, hopefully he keeps getting better and carries it into next game.

    4- at half mayo was carted off through the tunnel next to me, had a bunch of Oakland fans talking smack to him, mayo had no problem dishing it back which was cool to see.

    5- speaking of oak fans, their nasty and rude. Not a place for a family with children. Didn't wear a pats jersey for the safety of myself n my girl.

    6- spikes played a damn good game, nice to see him blowing up rbs.

    7- Arrington is having a pretty good season, this secondary could be damn good if there was a better pash rush. Speaking of pass rush, it was inconsistent again. I keep telling myself that 2 out of the 3 starting corners were out, along with big al, should improve with the return of healthy bodies.

    8- no inside info but I truly believe bodden, rid, ah, and Hernandez all play vs the jets. Bb knew he could rest them up vs oak n get by giving them an extra week off.

    9- looking forward to next week, the pats being home should win. Hopefully having ah back n next to wilfork in the middle of defense will be big, especially if mangold is still out, which looks to be certain he won't. If bodden n dowling return, and we can get a somewhat consistent rush, Sanchez will continue to blow.
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    #3 Jersey

    Not the first time I read this :eek:

    Some good observations :)
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