Gambling in New England belongs in Foxwoods not in Foxboro :)

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Nov 16, 2009.

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    Everyone agree? :) ;)
  2. thenepatsrule

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    for all the ppl who have been criticizing BB
    here is a closer look at the call
    YouTube - patsscrewed

    ........... to be frank i have never seen pat fans be so critical of BB, ever,the media (Read ESPN) I CAN UNDERSTAND, THEY HAVE ALWAYS HATED BB, AND this morning they have dedicated all their bandwidth to crucify BB,heck i think they must be criticizing him on ESPNU and ESPN classic too........ppl(Fans) stood beside this team when all the spygate bs was going on,hell y abandon ur team and ur coach now...........i for one think it was the right would have helped if we would've let addai score the td and then give brady and co 30 odd seconds to get into field goal range.......
    there is no doubt that all of us would have been happier had we won.....but again as is with gambling.luck is not always on ur side.......... we still have the division title in our sights .........two things which impressed me were how we were able to stop freeney and how brady and moss seem to be back to their 07 form..............
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    I swear every troll is out today, betcha most of them are really Red Sox Fans... gloom and doom.
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    Life's a gamble. ;)
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    Actually I think Mohegan Sun is nicer. I went to Cedars with my folks one year and got served the crappiest piece of meat I've ever been served in my life. It was friggin' Wal-Mart grade.
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