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  1. patchick

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    For reference, I scoured the roster and found 33 players whom I believe to be eligible for the practice squad. I'm sure you'll all politely correct any errors or omissions. ;) I've grouped them below into rough categories based on the likelihood that they would clear waivers. (My own stab-in-the-dark opinions, of course.)

    Black = Shouldn't be a problem
    Blue = Probably, but if you really like the guy you might not take the chance
    Red = Don't count on it

    The judgments are based on a combination of pre-draft talent assessments, training camp buzz, and positional variables. For instance, Gostkowski makes the red group largely because of his plug-and-play position. Even if he started the season on the PS, the minute a kicker goes down he'd be gone.

    Brian Barthelmes
    Corey Bramlet
    Vernell Brown
    Earl Charles
    Jon Condo
    Erik Davis
    Randy Hand
    Keron Henry
    Corey Mays
    Michael McGrew
    Todd Mortensen
    Rich Musinski
    Freddie Roach
    Matt Shelton
    Antwain Spann
    Nick Steitz
    Santonio Thomas
    Raymond Ventrone
    Gemara Williams
    Pierre Woods

    Willie Andrews
    Wesley Britt
    Bam Childress
    Patrick Cobbs
    Jeremy Mincey
    Le Kevin Smith
    Dan Stevenson

    Stephen Gostkowski
    Chad Jackson
    Laurence Maroney
    Garrett Mills
    Ryan O'Callaghan
    David Thomas
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  3. RayClay

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    Thanks for the list.

    BTW, my surprise so far, Pierre Woods makes the team.

    Maybe he just doesn't feel the pressure, but he looked confident and relaxed.
  4. patchick

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    I'd be mighty pleased. The line on him in college was that he had all the physical ability in the world but didn't give the solid effort to put it all together. IF his draft-day neglect has sparked him to discover hard work and intensity, he could be a nice addition.
  5. AzPatsFan

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    Thanks for the work.

    I agree withall the REDS and BLACKs, but I'd quibble about some of the BLUES.

    I think Andrews and Britt would get snatched up, but I think they make the club so its not an issue. Mincey and Smith might as well, but I think both have a shot at the inactive 53. I'd put Stevenson among the Blacks. I just don't see the big deal here.
  6. Lamanai

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    Fun to think ab out. Nice list.

    In general, I think we tend to rank our fringe/late pick/UDFA players higher than warranted. Another team would have to consider them pretty good to put them on the active roster just before the first game of the season ahead of one of their own fringe players. Especially since our guy would have to learn a whole new system. I don't think a lot of those late cuts get signed to another team. Obviosuly, it does happen though as the Pats risked Kory Chapman last year and got burnt.

    JMO, but I think Santonio Thomas would get snatched up by Crennel or Mangini. At least a blue rating for him.
  7. patsfan55

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    ive been thinkin and hoping this since the first day we signed him

    he could be a great backup olb, with the tools to become a starter a few yrs down the road
  8. Box_O_Rocks

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    I wonder if we have a young team now?
  9. AzPatsFan

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    I have a question.

    Guss Scott has been in the League fro two years but he went on IR in TC both years I beleive. Does he still have PS eleigibility. He hasn't been on the active list for 9 games or served on PS either.

    What is the rule that applies here?
  10. dryheat44

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    I don't think they would be candidates anyway, but I don't believe McGrew or Musinski are eligible.
  11. patchick

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    These were some tricky ones. I'm pretty sure that Guss Scott is out of eligibility because he has two accrued seasons behind him. If it were just one and that one had been spent on IR, he'd be eligible.

    For McGrew and Musinski I'm suffering from Insufficient Data Syndrome. From what I can find it looks like Musinski didn't meet the minimum number of active games during his one accrued season to be ineligible. And season on IR and one on the PS? Is that right? If so, he'd still be eligible.
  12. patchick

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    Could be, certainly...though the combination of the trade for Sullivan and the draft pick of Le Kevin Smith isn't particularly encouraging about Thomas.
  13. ctpatsfan77

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    Matt Shelton is on IR, so he can't go on PS too. :)

    Of course, it raises a question--if Shelton was (reportedly) so bad, why put him on the IR at all (except, perhaps, as a favor to Charlie)?

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