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    Pasquarelli and Clayton have collaborated on a clear, concise, pertinent, and factual set of questions and answers.

    Of special interest to me - and perhaps a few players - is this:

    What happens to player benefits (401k plans, health coverage, etc.)?
    In an uncapped 2007, owners no longer will be responsible for their annual payments of about $13 million apiece to 401k plans, health coverage, life insurance and other programs under the umbrella of benefits. The NFL matches each player's 401k investments 2-for-1.

    The absence of an extension already will cost the average player about $200,000 in 2006. (The diff between the conjectural 105 mil and the announced 94.5 mil sal caps for '06)

    In 2008 ... they well could be either striking or locked out - and get nothing.

    Now we see that ... in the year of seeming bonanza, the uncapped (and unfloored) 2007 ... the grunts must forsake a quarter-million dollars apiece of benefits.

    All too often unions determinedly downsize the industries that they organize. But has any union ever WORSE REPRESENTED its membership?
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    DAMN. The NFL matches players 401K plans 2 for 1? WOW... even the lowest player can easily max out the 401K investment and still take home a ton of money.

    Upshaw isn't doing this for the benefit of the players. I don't know whose benefit it is. Probably the agents since the agents don't get anything from the benefits package.
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