FYI-CBS Sports Theme Music For the Playoffs

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    In case anyone was wondering what that "offbeat"

    music , CBS Sports has been using as an intro for

    the Playoffs,here's the lowdown:

    It's the theme music from "Requiem For A Dream"

    This is an edgy,somewhat depressing film about

    drug abuse in America.It was directed by Daniel Aronofsky,and stars Jared Leto,Ellen Burstyn and
    also,Jennifer Connelly,who is extraordinary in this

    The theme music,which was written by Clint Mansell,using the famous Kronos Quartet to score the film.

    It's dark,edgy,jarring music and I found it kind of
    a weird choice by CBS,as anyone who has seen the movie,will have immediate flashbacks after hearing the theme.

    I know I just can't get this movie out of your head.

    Just thought fans might be,if you
    feel a sense of foreboding,when you hear the intro
    next weekend........this is why.

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