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Future pick-ups for Senate Democrats

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by mikey, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. mikey

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    Here are some potential pickups for Senate Democrats from blue states:

    Maine (2)
    New Hampshire (2)
    Pennsylvania (1)
    New Mexico (1)
    Colorado (1)
    Oregon (1)
    Minnesota (1)

    That should add up to 60 filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the Senate.

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  2. DarrylS

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    Saw some stuff in the news today about Susan Collins(R-ME) and her future opponent, I don't know if she can be defeated. She reminds me a lot of Chaffee in RI, RINO, she often takes the middle road and is more to the left than most. She got a lot of press after Katrina, and seems to be generally well liked. When I lived in Maine, found the politics there intriguing, unexpected and more Liberal& Tolerant than expected. Olympia Snowe is very much the same,and between them they have seniority and have not done a lot to piss people off..

    MAINE: All Eyes On Allen

    A ME GOP source concedes Sen. Susan Collins (R) won't likely get a free pass in '08, however most Dems are waiting to see what Rep. Tom Allen (D-01) will do before making their own plans. Allen has long expressed interesting in running for SEN, and the lingering rumors about him running in '06 may have kept state Senate Maj. Leader Michael Brennan (D) from challenge Sen. Olympia Snowe (R). But Allen will be pressed to make a quicker decision for '08, and the GOPer notes Allen didn't run a single TV ad this campaign (presumably to build his warchest) and has spent a lot of time recently in ME-02, outside his CD. At last reporting, Allen had $440K CoH to Collins' $392K

    Although the new Dem majority in the House might discourage Allen from giving up his House seat, many think he's still likely to run. If not, AG Steve Rowe (D) could be a strong challenger. Also mentioned are Brennan and '02 nominee/Common Cause pres. Chellie Pingree (D), who ran a decent campaign in '02 (Hotline reporting, 11/21).

    OTOH.. the Rolling Stone reads it differently:


    So get this: Susan Collins (RINO-Maine), is currently chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. That just so happens to be the post Joe Lieberman is in line for.

    If I?m Harry Reid, looking to firm up my majority with an anti-ANWR drilling, anti-defense of marriage amendment, generally pro-choice moderate, it?s hard to imagine a better candidate than Collins.

    She keeps her chair, gets credit for finally implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendation, and will have four years for her constitutents to get over her party flip.

    Joe Lieberman gets pushed aside to something less consequential, and the Democrats would enjoy a 52 vote caucus.

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