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Future of Food

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by mcgraw_wv, Apr 20, 2009.

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    I'm watching this program on Hulu.com, not sure where or who made this, but it's damn good... and it's really showing me some eye opening informaiton about Farming, Genetic Engineering, and Government Subsides... Along with some Effed up information on patenting seed, and how even if you didn't ask for the seed variation, if someone drives by and blows this patented seed into your land, well, the company who owns that patent, now owns your farm.

    Hulu - The Future Of Food - Watch the full feature film now.

    Highly recommend it.

    It also digs into how many people in high positions in government come from the food chain industry, more importantly the patent holders of specific foods strains. Which you can see, how this is leading towards A CONTROL over the food supply to a specific single company. Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Numerous heads at the FDA all come from a sole company who is owns the rights to numerous strains of food grain which have right now, 100 active lawsuits on farmers for using their strain even when they didn't want it...

    This is nuts...

    The fact that every farmer loses about $1.00 per bushel of Corn they produce, and rely on subsides. I can see the machine now, it's not about helping the farmer, it's about funding the energy producers, chemical companies, machinery, distributions, and everything tied to food other than the Farmer, but using the farmer as a veiled un-attackable mechanism to send tax payer money to high cost prices to companies that fund these politicians.


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