Funny exchange between Tomase and Kiwanuka

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    One of the funniest reporter/athlete exchanges happened Saturday when Boston Herald scribe John Tomase was talking with Boston College defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka. The snippet, verbatim:
    Tomase: "Someone brought up Rosevelt Colvin earlier. During the (New England Patriots') season, he talked about how much he loved sacks. He said on the field it's all he cares about: 'I want sacks. I don't want tackles or interceptions, I want sacks.' Do you have that kind of feeling on the field?"

    Kiwanuka: "Do I think of sex on the field?"

    Tomase (mortified): "No! Sacks – SACKS! Good God. I was wondering why you were smiling so much."

    Kiwanuka (laughing): "I was wondering where you were going with that."

    Tomase: "Sorry – Boston accent."
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    When someone said during the season that "Rosie is gettin' the job done", I didn't quite understand it to mean THAT!
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    I love it. Reminds me of an old Scottish joke:

    "In Morningside [do posh Edinburgh accent] they think "sex" is what the coal comes in ... "

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