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Fuel sources: lack of respect, a challenge every week, and lots of hard work

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Poker, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Come on everybody, every year is different, but innate team character comes from the top and never changes. We're back to the future, as in back to those 2001-2006 types of years. Yesterday hurts, but the reality is those losses happen to all great developing teams. The last three SB champions--Steelers, Giants, Colts, have all had major issues to overcome to win it all by Jan/Feb. As much as we loved the 2007 ride, the weaknesses were exposed late rather than early.

    Remember that BB, TB, and these Pats THRIVE on these situations. They don't get distracted, they just buckle down and work harder. They don't listen to anyting the media says, they just dissect their weaknesses and correct them little by little, game by game.

    They will FEED off of these fuel sources--the lack of respect, the need to outwork everyone else to improve at a faster rate, and embracing the challenge of doing what it takes to win another Lombardi. Andy Johnson said it in another thread--you can have doubts about a bunch of aspects of the team, but you can absolutely, 100% take it to the bank that they will not be outworked on the improvement trajectory between now and the end of the season. Given that they have won or been totally competitive in every game so far, including against some tough winning teams, I think that bodes well--at least it gives them a great chance and makes the rooting interesting and fun!
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