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FTW's Wants and Unwants for the draft: Ingram, Brockers, Hightower, Hill, Martin ...

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by FreeTedWilliams, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. FreeTedWilliams

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    Jan 26, 2005
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    OK, here is a list of players that I would love to see the Pats draft (and that might possibly be available when the Pats are drafting or via a small trade up):

    First Rounders:

    Melvin Ingram DE/OLB 6’1” 264 South Carolina- I don’t care about his height, put on the tape, this kid is everywhere making plays. He is the same size as James Harrison.

    Michael Brockers DE 6’5” 322 LSU- Young talented DE to finally replace Seymour. Needs the guidance that a Vince brings.

    Don’t’a Hightower LB 6’4” 245 Alabama- Hurt most of the last two years, he is an outstanding talent with superior speed and a nose for the ball. Quite possibly could be the next Ray Lewis (hopefully minus the murdering people). BB will find a place for him.

    Stephen Hill WR 6’5” 200 Georgia Tech- I was hoping that he would got lost in the shuffle because of the GA Tech offense, but the word got out. He is EXACTLY the final piece to the Pats offense. If you have to account for a tall fast outside WR that can spread the field, TFB will be unstoppable.

    Second/Third rounders:

    Markelle Martin S 6’1” 210 Oklahoma State- The Pats need a FS to play alongside of Chung. Martin should fit the bill.

    Shea McClellin DE/OLB 6’3” 260 Boise State- None stop motor a poor man’s JJ Watt.

    Brandon Boykin, CB/KR 5’9” 182 Georgia- Boykin is a very good CB and is not afraid to hit people. He is an outstanding Kick Returner, has good vision and a great burst, something the Pats are seriously lacking.

    Chandler Jones DE/OLB 6’5” 266, Syracuse- A football guy from a football family. Hidden at Syracuse, pass rusher, disruptor. He would be a steal in the second round, might have to be taken in the late first round.

    I’m not going to go beyond this point cuz, the Pats don’t have any picks after the 4th round.

    Now Guys I don’t want the Pats to draft:

    Donatri Poe NT Memphis: small school, weak competition, no fire in that giant belly

    Stephen Gilmore CB South Carolina: He has “bust” or Darius Butler written all over him.

    Kendall Wright WR Baylor: I just don’t see “it”.

    Kendall Reyes DT UConn: Must be the name, again never heard of this guy, and now all of a sudden he is supposed to be a great DT? UConn is a subpar program in a subpar league, no thanks; I think the Pats have learned their lesson (the hard way) about the lack of talent at UConn.

    Ruben Randall WR LSU/Alshon Jeffrey WR South Carolina/Mohammed Sanu WR Rutgers: I lump them all together because they are the same player fat and slow does not cut it in the NFL at WR. None of these guys will be able to get separation at the next level.

    Janoris Jenkins CF North Alabama (nee Florida) - I think I would hit the roof if BB drafts any CB, but Jenkins for some reason heads my list. I would rather see the Pats try and upgrade the front seven because clearly, they have no idea how to draft in the secondary.

    Lineman: Cuz the Pats have enough.
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  2. Snake Eyes

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    re: FTW's Wants and Unwants for the draft: Ingram, Brockers, Hightower, Hill, Martin ...

    That's good stuff:rofl:
  3. BelichickFan

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    re: FTW's Wants and Unwants for the draft: Ingram, Brockers, Hightower, Hill, Martin ...

    There's not a lot of love for Chandler Jones but he is a pretty good fit for the role Andre Carter played last year. Not big enough to be a true 3-4 anchor but solid enough against the run to not kill you and more pass rush potential that the guys with the huge butts. I like McClellen too, just not sure if Bill would take a Boise St. guy in the first round. He did it with Mankins from Fresno St. but Pat Hill was Bill's old OL coach so there was a safety factor in that pick.
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