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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by stick21, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. stick21

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    I would agree with you. Cro has the athleticism to match up with Moss 1v1, and Moss isn't a skilled enough route-runner to abuse him short, so that's a huge advantage for us. Jammer would shut down Welker, which leaves Florence on Stallworth, which is really as good of a matchup for him as we could hope for. Stallworth just isn't better than average. Still, I doubt we will do any of this. We line our CBs up on a side and I don't think it will change. Hopefully I'm wrong so we don't let NE dictate the matchups, that will cause trouble.

    these clowns think they have a chance????


    heres the link???
  2. pwes

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    They do have a chance. Fortunately for them they are not running the team or the Chargers would surely lose tomorrow. Ugh.
  3. Keegs

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    yeah the Moss route running thing was funny.
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