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    I've never seen the attraction to American Football really, until last Sunday, it came to England at Wembley and I fell in love! Since them, I've spent numerous hours looking up the game and learning about it and feel I have the hang of it. Your probably wondering, what does this have to do with us? Well, I've decided to support the New England Patriots so add me to your ever growing fan base in the UK :) .

    I don't know any players except Eli & Peyton Manning, Michael Vick ( ex-player now! ), Tom Brady & Reggie Wayne. I've never played the game but generally, I'm good at most things I play so should the chance arrive, I'd certainly join a youth side in the UK! Yeah, I'm 17, from London and I support Arsenal if any one here likes English Football / Soccer?
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    Also, I know a lot of you are pissed off about having a midseason game in the UK, but believe me, it's won a hell of a lot of fans. I went into College the next day and nearly everyone was talking about it, it's was crazy! It's certainly going to take off in England and will win you guys a lot more revenue and certainly a bigger fan base.

    I do think though that it shouldn't happen again for years to come, the novelty will wear off, it's certainly left us feeling hungry for more!!
  3. Danish PATS Fan

    Danish PATS Fan On the Roster was a good match against Man. U. this saturday.
    The first half was a bit boring, until ROOOOONEY scored he he !!!
    But second half was totally entertaintment for the soccer fans, and the ending result was fair for both teams i think.
    I'm United fan as you might can see ;) I have followed United since the beginning of the i'm a bit old ;)
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