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    American Progressive Far Left Whacky Anti American Liberals always seem to defend these Smelly Iranian Scumsuckers, they Gave the Iranian Creepy President bastard a standing ovation at Columbia University.

    This is the Govt that America's Progressive Liberal Far Left PHONY stands up in an American College and cheers for while trashing their own country that gives them the freedom to f-ck in city parks, put rings in their noses, and allows drunks & junkies to sh!t in schoolyards.

    News Today Liberal Democrats Beloved Iran: (they still stone women)
    "Police will seize women with tight coats and cropped trousers and also men with Western-style hair cut will be arrested," the newspaper said.

    Especially in the urban areas, many women ignore traditional head-to-toe black chadors. The Islamic dress code is less commonly challenged in poor suburbs and rural regions.

    "Men with Western-style haircuts were confronted by police and also barber shops that gave them such haircuts were sealed off on Sunday," said the daily.

    Some women, testing the boundaries of the law by wearing tight clothes were also confronted by morality police, located mainly at the affluent northern Tehran squares.

    "Police also swept through popular shopping centers, where such outfits are sold and some of those shops were sealed off," the daily said
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