$$$ Free Stuff Aliens, Wecome Aboard

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Harry Boy, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Harry Boy

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  2. IllegalContact

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    yeah......well.....what do you expect?
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  3. Wolfpack

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    It's nothing but a blatent attempt by dems to shore up their voting bloc for the next few decades - all at the expense of the 53% percent of us moronic enough to actually pay taxes. 4 years from now, that 53% number will be even lower - thanks to Barack Ofailure.

    Like every world power that came before, America's irreversal decline came from forces within.
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  4. Harry Boy

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    Khrushchev told JFK "if we want to take control of your country we won't have to fire a shot, we will just wait and watch you destroy yourself from within"

    It has started, the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is the Big Starting Point in the decline of America As We Knew It.
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  5. PatsWSB47

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    Ironic that it was his Soviet Union died.
  6. Harry Boy

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    I know I didn;t even think of that until I read your post.
  7. Kid~Brady

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    This is crazy.

    I'm all about people driving themselves for financial independency, this is the complete opposite. Its things like this that drive me crazy because this is indeed coming from taxpayers wallets. We already have enough fraud and abuse with the Americans, now we are "promoting" illegal aliens to just "come on over" and sign on up for the entitlements as well?

    This is stupid on another level. Jesus, I cannot state to you how much I detest government.
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  8. IllegalContact

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  9. RI Patriots fan

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    This is what happens when you go from being the land of opportunity to the land of entitlements.
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  10. PatriotsReign

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    Sadly, we have members who fully support this atrocity.

    This may in fact be the saddest news I've read in years regarding our gov't policy.

    If you can't afford to live in your country, don't expect to come here so we can support you....

    a SERIOUS wtf moment in US history!
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  11. DarrylS

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    People are being presumptious and the situational outrage is obvious, the only folks are reporting this are the Boston Herald.. so I for one will reserve Judgement until more facts are known.. until then all it breeds is hysteria and knee jerk reactions..

    This is not a new practice, started under the regime of George W.

    Might be wary of a newspaper article based on information from a blog such as The Daily Caller.. further information and corraboration is needed.
  12. DocHoliday

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    If true its pretty outrageous, but sitting here and claiming this is something accepted by all non conservatives is pretty silly.

    I actually will soon be working for a medical clinic that signs up people for EBT if they look unfed and unhealthy (basically homeless).

    Will report findings
  13. DarrylS

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    My bet is that initially you will be outraged, and after a while you will become deeply sympathetic over time. My sister works for the Welfare Company in Hennepin County, and I have watch do a 180 in the past couple of years.. now she feels as though she understands poverty.
  14. PatriotsReign

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    Who cares who started it?....I know I don't.

    The fact that supposedly we tell Mexican nationals that we'll help support them if they come here is outragious in itself. Shame on GWB for authorizing that. But then again, we were in the midst of an economic boom back then.

    Not many were crying about our deficit....man, how times change quickly!
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  15. RI Patriots fan

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    I helped feed the homeless for 5 years and I would never do it again. Whenever I see a RI Crossroads ad about the homeless, I can see the absolute lies that are told to gain sympathy.
    80% of the homeless I met (and I met thousands over the years) were either former convicts, drug addicts, or liked to drink. A large majority were men in their 30's or older...very few were married and those homeless families they talk about....I can count the number I met on my right hand.
    Most of the homeless aren't "poor" or disadvantaged, they are lazy, violent, dishonest and selfish.
    I remember when I first started and I noticed that we served considerably less people at the beginning of the month then at the end of the month. I asked why and one of the more grizzled veterans (who I understand better now) told me that they get their checks at the beginning of the month, spend it all on alcohol or drugs, and then come to us for food.
    I also noticed that during the summer time our numbers would drop too. I was informed that during the summer they would take the bus to Newport because they made good money pan handling tourists.

    Poverty would be virtually eliminated in the US if people finished High School, didn't get knocked up before marriage, didn't do drugs, didn't drink excessively, worked a 40 hour a week job (or several part time jobs) and saved some money on a regular basis. Doing all these things would eliminate 95% of the poverty in America.
  16. PatriotsReign

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    Nothing wrong with Americans helping Americans. That's why we pay taxes. But we don't pay taxes to help support citizens of other nations entering this country illegally or legally.

    Heck, we can't even afford to provide for our own without going over-budget.
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  17. Ilikehappyppl

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    Wow, pride cometh before the fall...

    I'm glad your perfect! I'm glad you have never done anything wrong or had any problems in life.

    I used to live in a homeless shelter when I was a kid and most of the people I met were good people, just had bad thing happen...Yes, some of them drank, you would too if you went through some of the stuff they did....

    You act like everyone that is poor or homeless is evil, that 80% of them were bad people....I'm glad you think enough of yourself to judge others.....:rolleyes:

    You must first teach a man to fish, before you can blame him for not knowing how, most of these homeless and poor haven't been taught or have the knowledge to better themselves....You act like everyone is the same and that everyone should be more like you......that's not life......not everyone is the same.

    Do I agree with people abusing the system? No... Do I think we can all do a better job and streamline the process? Yes! Quit attacking the poor and start attacking poverty...
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  18. Ilikehappyppl

    Ilikehappyppl 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    We are fine PR, raise taxes on the rich, cut the defense by 50% and BAM! No more debt and we can help people!;)

    Its not rocket science....
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  19. PatriotsReign

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    you mean help AMERICANS? Of course....I just don't want our tax dollars being offered to non-citizens dude....who would?
  20. DarrylS

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    One of the things you do not mention in your diatribe is the high incidence of mental illness among the homeless, remember the draconian institutions that the state used to run.. at one time there were thousands of people either living at Ladd or the RIMC.. then they deinstitutionalized. The promise made was that the money that was spent in institutions would follow them to the community, somehow that money got pirated and funneled into other programs..

    Alcoholism and drug addiction is not a matter of self control, but is considered an illness..

    If everyone finished high school and did not get pregnant is a very simple answer to a complicated problem.. there is no quick fix to these issues, but starting with giving people dignity is a good place.

    Here is something you might try, go on a job hunt and tell people how you just got out of prison and need a chance, see how quickly you get hired..

    As far as panhandling in Newport goes, not sure they allow it.. have never seen it, the reason that the shelters have less demand in the summer is that it is more comfortable to sleep outside or in other places..

    If you hear something, does not mean it is true..

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