Free Agents – But at what price

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by shatch62, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. shatch62

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    Free Agents – But at what price

    For all the people that are upset that the Pats have not made a move in Free Agency yet, who did you want them to get AT THE PRICE the player signed for? Most of the contracts are f-ing ridicules. The worst offenders by far are the Redskins (big surprise). They give out massive deals to anyone who is a “nameâ€.

    I, like most of you would be happy if the Pats brought in a player – any player – to get excited about but not at the insane prices that are getting tossed around.

    This list below is not a complete list but it is accurate based on info I could find.

    Antwaan Randle El, WR - Destination: Redskins (7 years, $31 million)
    Joe Jurevicius, WR - Destination: Browns (4 years, $10 million)
    Antonio Bryant, WR - Destination: 49ers (4 years, $15 million)
    Brian Finneran, WR - Destination: Falcons (4 years, $8 million)
    Corey Bradford, WR - Destination: Lions (4 years, $7.4 million)

    Adam Archuleta, S - Destination: Redskins (6 years, $30 million)
    Marlon McCree, S – Destination: Chargers (5 years, $16 million)
    Corey Chavous, S – Destination: Rams (5 years)
    Dexter Jackson, S - Destination: Bengals 4 years, $7.6 million)

    Larry Tripplett, DT - Destination: Bills (5 years, $18 million)
    Maake Kemoeatu, DT - Destination: Panthers (5 years, $23 million)
    Gerard Warren, DT - Destination: Broncos (6 years)
    Ted Washington, DT – Destination: Cleveland (2 years, $7 million)

    Anthony Weaver, DE - Destination: Texans (5 years, $26.5 million)
    Darren Howard, DE – Destination: Eagles (6 years, $30.5 million)
    Trevor Pryce, DL - Destination: Ravens (5 years, $25 million)

    Will Witherspoon, LB - Destination: Rams (6 years, $33 million)
    Andre Carter, OLB - Destination: Redskins (6 years, $30 million)
    Bart Scott LB - Destination: Ravens: (3 years, $13.5 million)
    David Thornton, OLB – Destination: Titans (5 years, $22 million)
    Ben Leber, OLB – Destination: Vikings (5 years, $20 million)
    Akin Ayodele, OLB – Destination: Cowboys (5 years, $17 million)

    Edgerrin James, RB - Destination: Cardinals (4 years, $30 million)
    Jamal Lewis, RB - Destination: Ravens
    Mike Anderson, RB - Destination: Ravens (4 years, $8 million)
    Chester Taylor, RB - Destination: Vikings (4 years, $14.1 million)
  2. BelichickFan

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    It's almost all silly money. I can't wait to see the cap room list in a week. Let's go, Clayton :) There will be bargains to be had soon and guess who'll be the rich man walking into Wal Mart ? We will . . .
  3. stevedogc

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    I agree! Some of these salaries are rediculous. I see the Pats doing what they did last year, especially in the CB position last year. They will sign about 10-12 mid range players, intead of 4-5 high end players and see who works the best. Add that to their 9 draft picks, not including compensatory picks, and I think they will be just fine. It is a bit frustrating though. Not in seeing all these players getting gobbled up, I am just curious as to what BB and Pioli's plans are.
  4. Hoss

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    I'd take Finneran for 4 years/8 million, also see how much dough Sam Adams wants & re-sign Willie.
  5. pats60

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    Finneran is long gone back to Atlanta
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