Free agent wish list: Defense/Special Teams

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by broadwayjoe, Feb 15, 2006.

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    My free agent options

    MLB -- DEREK SMITH – 49ers
    I agree that with the LB position being so deep this year the Patriots will probably address this position there but if they do go after a veteran ILB it will be Derek Smith and not Earl Holmes. Smith has average 105 tackles per season over his 9 year career. He has the needed size (6-2, 245) and he has not been on a winning team in quite a while and might be willing to take a little less to leave SF and come to the Pats.

    S – Will Demps, Ryan Clark, Marlon McCree, Chris Hope
    This is a good year for teams looking for Veteran safeties and the Patriots are one of those teams. With Harrison doubtful to be back at 100% next season the Pats need a Veteran in the middle of defense to QB the secondary. The four players listed above are all physical, intelligent players that could help the Pats without breaking the bank. None of them will ever be confussed with Ronnie Lott but they could help
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    Oh my Christ...that guy's an animal!
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    I do think we will go after at least one of the Pittsburgh players and I think
    both corners are available also right? Deshea Townsend and Ike Taylor.
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    Those are distorted as they included running over the Umpire, decking the water boy, and jumping on the cheerleader's dogpile when they compiled the numbers. :p
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    LOL nothing stops that guy seriously he's a great player id love to get him!
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    Ooops ... Thought you were talking about Ray Lewis's stats ....
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    he used to do that but he's on his way down id still take him for a decent price though!!!

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