Fox roundtable on Pats/Cassel

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. SVN

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  2. NJPatsfan26

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    Michael Strahan: "As a player, I think a player believes in karma. You don't want to go out there and hit a quarterback low around the knees and injure some guy because it may come back on you. Yes, this might have been a catastrophic injury for New England. I always preferred a kind of gator tackle on a quarterback where you grab him and whip him around. It's more effective and less injury-prone for the quarterback."

    Revised : Well it looks like Strahan actually feels for our team in a good way. Glad to hear it.
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  3. SVN

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    i thought he was talking about pollard...
  4. NJPatsfan26

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    Probably....still hate him....Couldn't even say anything positive about the team....
  5. Patjew

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    It makes me respect him more.
  6. patsgo

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  7. BlitzFritz

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    Carroll is saying what is true about almost every QB in the league.
  8. fair catch fryar

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    Quite honestly, Cassel never started or was in a "big-time" situation at USC, so how would Carroll really know that?:confused:
  9. Cannon Arm

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    Maybe he sucked in practice.
  10. Clonamery

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    4 years far as Pete Carroll could possibly know.
  11. Rob0729

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    Carroll obviously knows Cassel better than any of us, but lack of confidence seems not to be an issue for this guy. If anything, the guy seems overconfident to the point of cokkiness.
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  12. Clonamery

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    You have some instances or quotes of this behavior.....or is it just your intuition?
  13. MassPats38

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    Carroll . . . Carroll, that name sounds familiar. Oh, yes, he was that NFL head coach between Parcells and Belichick who managed the Patriots to steadily declining results for 3 seasons and helped to prompt a rebuilding stage. Not exactly an NFL success story, so while he may add some insight as to Cassel's personality in college several years ago, I will accept his NFL success assessments with a grain of salt. As he has proved by his huge success at USC, college football really isn't the same game.
  14. patchick

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    Not a think wrong w/ Carroll's comments that I can see. In fact, does anybody here NOT think that Cassel has all the tools, but that the key for him will be not to get nervous and try to do too much?
  15. hambone1818

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    Yeah, patchick, agreed...people have been saying it here since he was drafted: he has the tools, but what can he do with them?

    I, for one, think he'll do well with this offense. The Carroll quote was almost to be expected, but then again Carroll recruited him to play QB at a big-time college program.
  16. vyrago

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    Curt Menefee: "Talking to Pete Carroll, he admitted that Cassel has a big arm and is mobile. But he also said that he's the kind of guy who gets nervous and really tries to do too much. You have to stay on him and calm him down and keep him in check. He said the thing he would be most concerned about is Cassel making the right decisions."

    This sounds about right for a first-start rookie. Cassel will be a real contrast to Brady if he gets nervous--though he looked pretty calm last Sunday. Maybe not having time to think about the ramifications of what he was doing kept him from getting happy feet. I hope that same surreal calm confidence overtakes him this Sunday.

    I wonder who will be responsible for calming down him when he is on the field.
  17. scotphin

    scotphin Rookie

    Big arm, tries to do too much ... Sounds like Brett Favre to me!
  18. Rhodey

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    It certainly is a general ism. :confused:

    Cassel doesn't appear to be nervous at all. He probably thinks he's right back on the practice field where he's comfortable. Either way, it's execution, as Brady reminded- execute and have fun.

    When the Pats drafted Cassel, everyone knew that Brady was the QB. Honestly, it wouldn't have made a difference who was drafted- they'd be playing behind Tom, simply put. Cassel's pedigree and frame attracted the coaching staff; everyone thought he was a fine pick...particularly after he went through the Patriots system. Well, he has.

    If the Pats had selected a QB with a different history than Cassel, we'd be talking about that history right now! The media would be projecting what happened in college on to the (2008) field. (It's a good thing that the high school comparisons are as ridiculous as they seem.) In fact, Pats fans started taking the pre-season snippets and began to copy-n-paste through 2008. However, Matt Cassel's performance on Sunday out-weighed the former.

    Hopefully, Pats fans will pick what Sox fans are getting hip to- let the kids play. In fact, the Sox brass has gained enough faith in many of their kids to not trade them away for big names (e.g. Lester, etc.../Santana). After all, when Bledsoe went down, they let the kid play.
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  19. patsox23

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    Well, given the fact that he was BARELY beaten out by two Heisman winners, I doubt he was all that bad in practice.
  20. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    Look at Leinhart. The guy has a sucky arm. he was lucky he was on the field with two all american WRs and two all american RBs.

    But Carroll picked Leinhart over Cassel anyway. It sounds like he took Pennington over Jeff George.

    Matt Cassel has to prove he's not Jeff George. Simple as that.

    If you take Carroll at face value, then you KNOW that Carroll KNEW that Cassel had better physical abilities than Leinhart.
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