Fox News Poll 73% feel US has sacrificed enough for Iraq...

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Oct 15, 2006.

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    came across this poll this AM, while there are mixed results they are nonetheless interesting.. seems as though there are strong feelings that we have done enough and should think about moving on..,2933,220277,00.html

    Attitudes toward continued involvement are split among party lines. Democrats prefer the United States end its involvement by a 61 to 21 margin, while Republicans prefer to continue involvement by a 66 to 17 margin.

    The situation in Iraq continues to be an important campaign issue. More people rate the situation in Iraq as extremely important to their vote (45 percent) than on any other issue. Among those saying Iraq will be extremely important to their vote this fall, a 54-percent majority says they plan to back the Democratic candidate and 36 percent the Republican.

    Many voters distrust information coming from both parties on Iraq รขโ‚ฌโ€ 66 percent think the Republicans are making things seem like they are going better in Iraq than they really are, while 50 percent think the Democrats are making things seem worse.

    Nearly three in four voters (73 percent) agree that the United States has sacrificed enough for the people of Iraq, and it is now time for Iraq to take most of the burden of security in their country and let the U.S. troops start to come home.

    At the same time, about half (49 percent) agree that military action in Iraq is necessary to protect Americans from having to fight radical Muslim terrorists on U.S. soil.
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    One wonders how many of that 73 plan to see Flag of our Fathers when it comes out.

    The worst thing we can do is to further along the impression of the US as a paper tiger, an impression furthered by Clinton the Boy President's non-responses throughout the 90's to al Quada terrorist attacks.

    We need to, once and for all, "shock and awe" these terrorist morons, kill them in large numbers, then consider leaving. As long as we are p u s s y-footing around, they will continue to take shots at us. If they're all dead, they can't fire too many triggers.

    Daisy Cutters, where are you?
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