Former Patriot OC Bill O'Brien drawing interest for NFL head coach jobs

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by ctpatsfan77, Dec 16, 2013.

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  2. RobAllan

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    Pete Carroll is a winning head coach now so anything can happen.

    But BoB was my least favorite Pats coach behind Mangini during the Kraft era... And a part of me still thinks TB12 agrees
  3. Wrath Mania

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    Based on what, one sideline argument?

    Also, why was he such a bad coach? Everyone hated him when he was here and asked for McDaniels to come back, then in the past two years I've seen more than one person claim BoB was such a better playcaller than McD. So like, lol.
  4. upstater1

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    McDaniels is 10x better than BOB.

    Last year's offense was the most productive offense from the Patriots until Gronk went down. They were amazing. The previous year, BOB chose to go jumbo and run after 7 straight completed Brady passes to almost ice the Super Bowl.
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    I yelled at that offense more during the BoB era than any other time in the Bledsoe or Brady eras. Telegraphing plays, awkward run/pass distribution, etc. I yelled at the man more than Brady did. I was thrilled when he was done.

    So is it based on one sideline argument? Sure, but if I hated that offense that much, TB12 probably did too. I could be wrong! I acknowledged that in my original post with the "Pete Carroll" crack, but until I see otherwise I feel sorry for whatever team hires him.
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    IMO his playcalling was atrocious. Too much five-wides, spread, finesse offense. We'd have like less than 2 yrds for a first down and gameclock to kill and he'd call 5-wides, shotgun formation about 80% of the time in that situation. And would "adjust" away from something that was working. Just for the hell of it. Usually to the exact wrong thing. We had far too many 3 and outs and 10 minutes less time of possession way too often.

    And the D would have to practice against that crap constantly, so when an opponent played a power, run heavy scheme we couldn't handle it well.

    I hope when Ryan gets canned by the Jets, B'OB gets to be the next HC of the NYJ. Belichick will know precisely how to kick his butt everytime. He's as predictable as a Swiss watch. Put 8 in the box for the first series or so, which will be mostly draws. Then when he abandons the run because it isn't working immediately, you never have to watch for the run the rest of the game. Even if he calls a couple successful runs he won't stick with it. No matter how well it's working.
  7. Gronk

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    I think "atrocious" is a stretch, especially considering he was the offensive playcaller in two of Brady's finer seasons (2010 & 2011). How much of the credit he deserves for that is debatable - just like it's easy to argue against the impact of JMD on the 2007 and 2012 offenses because a) Brady & Belichick, and b) talent level aka Welker/Gronk/Moss/Murderer/etc.

    Regardless of OC, the Pats are a razor-thin hair and two remarkable Eli Manning throws away (where was yesterday's Eli when you need him) from having won 5 Super Bowls in the Brady/BB era. Arguably more if you count a couple close AFCCGs. The fact that Charlie Weis was part of the 3 wins rather than the near-losses is as much coincidence (and the high level of defensive play) as anything else. But they won, so the debate rages around JMD and BOB and how they've cost the Patriots and Brady Super Bowls. They've both presided over remarkable efficient and/or explosive offenses that rank among the NFLs best of this, or any, era. Many criticisms can be levied, but "atrocious" isn't one of them.

    Would I be surprised if BoB got an NFL HC gig right now? Yeah, because he's only been a HC in college for 2 years and his NFL experience was fairly limited. If he remains successful for a few more years after taking over a pretty ****ty situation at PSU then maybe I could see it.

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