Former New England Patriots as football analysts

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    Former New England Patriots as football analysts
    By: John Morgan

    Former members of the New England Patriots can be found everywhere on the airwaves and internet as football analysts. Which one does the best job at offering intelligent and useful insight and viewpoints for fans of the game? ...

  2. PatsDeb

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    Success breeds success. I personally love it when I turn on a football show and see Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi or Willie McGinest, or locally, Christian Fauria or Troy Brown and others. All those guys were reasons I love and watch the Pats. I like to see them doing well and I am always interested in what they have to say. Good for me, good for them and good for the NFL! It also shows, in some respects, IMO, that BB does in fact value intelligent go-getters and is good at spotting them on the grid iron (although as I think about it, Bruschi, McGinest and Brown were picked by the Parcells regime - still love them all!).
  3. wistahpatsfan

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    My favorite show is the post game with Troy and Ty. Those two have the best insight into the way the players think and interact with the coaches and they're not afraid to call out Pats players when they suck- especially Ty. They even take on BB and the staff at timeswhen it's warranted. Felger does a good job as devil's advocate and getting the conversation going.
  4. patfanken

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    Nice Job John. Very astute of you to tap Matt Chatham as the best of the current ex-Patriots . He is by far the best combination of information and presentation of the group. I don't know if its his lack of playing skills, his look, or the fact he played for the Jets that seems to keep him stuck on NESN since he is clearly so much better than the clowns we see nationally on ESN and the NFLN.

    I also admire your courage in placing Mangini so high. Ironically he deserves it. You can see the effective teacher in him when he explains things, and what made him such an effective position coach. In fact I'd love it it he and BB made up and he came back as the DB coach. The prodigal son. That said, ESPN doesn't use him near enough, while so many clowns get lots of airtime.

    Just 2 quick points Christian Fauria does a nice job on Patriots all Access, and you completely missed a hidden gem in Scott Zollack. I think he does a great job in his 2 segments on Patriots all Access, an offers some good insights as well when he leaves his frat boy persona behind (as well as Gresh)
  5. Mainefan

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    I love watching Rodney. He pulls zero punches and he's smart as hell. If I were BB, I would hire him to coach my defensive backfield.
  6. Hart Lee Chung

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    Maybe not an analyst per say, but Artrell Hawkins on the Fox sports morning show is pretty good and of course still pulls for the Pats when he can.

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