Forget Humble Pie, it's time to dish out The Blame Pie!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by bakes781, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. bakes781

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    I know a lot of us are bashing Cassel & Belichick for going with Matt, but what about the other side of the ball?

    In my opinion this about where the % of blame lies:

  2. PATS68

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    I would add front offfice to that list. It is coming back to bite them in the ***** that they failed to draft LBS and DBS inthe 1st two round that last couple of years.
  3. ScottieC

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    Pretty simple, you stop Rivers from throwing the long ball and it's a game. LT did nothing special.

    I thought some of the play calling on Offense was nuts - Lets fix that too.

    I'm not ready to give up on Cassel, although watching some of the rookie QB's in the league this year makes me think a little harder about it us making a change. But, Currently I'm against it.
  4. stinkypete

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    Isn't that all they drafted early rounds the past two years. Yes, I will agree that the '06 draft was clearly the worst of the Belichick era, but the past 2 drafts have netted 3 DBs and 2LBs who are seeing significant playing time now.

    The reason the defense sucks so badly is these soft zones that the DBs are constantly playing. Seems the opposing WRs always have an 8 yard cushion on every pass play. Despite the pickup of supposed defensive backs guru Capers, I have seen no change in the way the DBs play. In fact, I think the safety play has been significantly worse this year, with some extreme miscommunication between the safeties.
  5. JR4

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    1. D is going to be less effective when Offense doesn't stay on field long.
    ( especially when a team has older guys )
    2. D is going to be less effective when key Players get injured(Jarvis Green)
    3. D is going to look bad when WR's make fantastic catches with players
    practically in their face.
    4. D is going to look bad when a QB throws some extremely accurate passes and when he plays out of his cleats.

    the run D was very good.


    I believe this game could have been won if the Offense had played better.
    The Oline has weakness and they are just not good enough the handle a
    highly motivated D with very good players by themselves.
    Cassel had very little time to find a WR. The pressure from SD's D was just
    too much for him.
    It forced him to make decisions a lot faster than he can. Then when being
    hurried to make a pass his accuracy went out the window.


    well I don't know for sure but it seems the OC and BB and should have
    done something to help Cassel.
    Flooding the field with receivers didn't seem to help. maybe they should
    have helped the Oline more and gone with fewer receivers.
    I don't know.
    Yes Brady would have done better because he reads faster and has a lot
    more experience.

    I am not putting a whole lot in this game as to predicting the future.
    It seemed to me the stars were aligned for SD yesterday and I do not
    believe it will always be that way.

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