For those worried about our D and lack of Defensive draft choices.....

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by TruthSeeker, May 15, 2006.

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    Don't worry too much. It was our offense that choked in our playoff loss. Our Defense was playing fine in the Bronco Game. Fumbles on special teams, fumbles running the ball, and the big INT all killed our beloved Pats.

    The defense may not be Pats D circa 2003, but it should be good enough to win 12 games and possibly another SB.

    Do I feel THIS particular team is good enough to win SB XLI ? In a word, yes, but of course there are many other factors, not the least of which is the Patriots injury bug which has hit them hard the last 3 years. So "If" is the biggest word for the 2006 Pats. IF-they stay healthy they should be a major force since they finally have a favorable schedule compared to 2004 & 2005. IF- Harrison comes back strong, the defense should be pretty darn good. The secondary without Harrison is more quantity than quality. I think someone steps up if Harrison goes on PUP for 6 games. I wouldn't be suprised if a guy like Chad Scott gives us some decent veteran leadership in Harrison's spot if Harrison isn't ready (Also if we sign Ty Law, I think we will be in better shape). Injuries will play a key role as far as who wins SB XLI, Look at Pittsburgh & Seattle last year, virtually no major injuries.

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